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Hello all, just had to share this one...

I was summoned to see our Oct Health GP, who subsequently gave a very positive report, but did confirm that I meet the criteria for the Equality Act.

So my senior mgmt have offered me a Settlement Agreement to leave.

And my options are to take the settlement or to end up terminated on the grounds of ill health.

Yes, you read that right.

I have abbreviated the sequence of events to spare you...

So I have now been signed off with Work Related Stress, my solicitor is dealing with it and I'm properly hacked off. They refute any allegations of unfair treatment but did surprisingly, not, up their offer by 4k after the first shot from my solicitor.

It is my intention to accept a better offer cos I just don't have any fight left in me but it's frustrating

The likelihood of them winning a tribunal is about as good as finding three Wise Men who would ask for directions...

Anyway,I'm good and it's giving me a chance to properly rest for a couple of months.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and my best wishes for 2017 xx

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Brilliant !!! A step forward !

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Hi fat ankle I was medically pensioned off in July and it's the best thing that happened as the last year was a real struggle at work I've got RA,OA and angina , now I can please myself and plan my day and rest more, hope everything works out for you xxx

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Hi Fatankle - Can they really fire you for being sick? I can see that they would try to force you into disability retirement, but termination doesn't seem right... I would certainly be looking for legal assistance....


No they can't, especially as their own doctor said I was fit to do the job! Solicitor is on it. To be honest though, I'd rather take their revised offer and take some time off...