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Nails and toes!

I have psoriatic arthritis. About a month ago I was given a depot of steroid and started on leflunomide.

I have sausage toes (something starting with D that I can't spell!) my toenails are a mess..they fall off, and there's swelling at the end of affected toes. My toes have become a bit deformed.

After steroid depot the swelling in toes went down, and I was in less pain and the general stiffness went...woop whoop!

I had bloods taken two weeks ago. I notice my inflammatory markers are on the up, which actually coincides with how I feel. I'm stiff, in pain (though bearable) and my toes are swollen again!

I'm surprised the steroid has worn off so quickly!

Does anyone else have toenail and tootsie problems? What do you do about toenails?

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I suppose sausage toe is better than kipper feet! 😄

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Hi NettieC. I have PsA and my toenails are psoriatic but they're not too bad so I'm not sure what I do specifically if they were falling off.

I hope you get some relief from Leflunomide. However with Psoriatic Arthritis, failing 2 or more DMARDs and having 2 or more swollen joints may mean that you meet the criteria for biologic therapy. I think a lot of us with moderate to severe PsA find that biologics are really the only drugs that do the job so if Leflunomide doesn't help with the sausage toes and your nails, then biologics might well be the answer at some point. Is Lef the first DMARD you've tried?

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