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Locked knee

Hi all

OH is now down to 2 steroid tablets a day with next rheumatology appt just in the new year to sort out proper treatment.

At the moment his symptoms come and go apparently at random like someone's playing some horrible game with a voodoo doll. But today his left knee is completely locked.

Does anyone know if there's anything he can do to make it usable?

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Just think if you make it last a while you'll stand a good chance of getting out of cooking Christmas dinner, lol, failing that, there's always the local locksmith, I hope it clicks open again soon because it hurts, so chin up and don't swear unless your alone.

Merry Christmas CK.



Alternating ice and heat.... frozen peas in a tea towel and a hot water bottle, aBout 15 minutes each with gap in between.



My knee locks quite a bit. It hurts like hell! The last time I managed to unlock it accidentally by rolling over onto my front and kneeling in the bath. I got stuck in the bath and this was the only way I could get out! 😄 I got to tell you I swore like a sailor, but what a relief!

Sorry can't be more helpful.y knee usually unlocks if I press on it too, but wouldn't recommend as this also hurts like hell. I think, alternate ice and hot packs is probably the way forward.

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Thank-you all. Heat and cold sounds like the way to go. Better get a microwave heat pack.


Tiger Balm works for me.


I hope it has unlocked by now? My knee locks last from between 15 mins and about 90 mins (though had one that went on for 5 hours).

Depends on what is causing the locking - mine is caused by a bit of bone grating off from within the joint so all I can do is wait out the muscle spasm eases. (which is the 'locking' in this case). Trying to relax the muscles, heat or ice, keeping the knee in a comfortable position and every few minutes trying to see if it will extend back to straight. I am waiting for TKR and this is just one of the knee issues!

It is so painful, your OH has my sympathies!


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