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Good afternoon Health Unlocked Community. Do any of you use any wearable technology to monitor your health? If so, which do you consider to be the best in terms of value for money, compatibility with other devices and user friendliness? What would be the things you'd want to monitor if you don't use one, for example, goal setting, calorie counting, heart rate, GPS, steps, sleep monitoring etc. Thanks, Sally

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  • I've used a Polar heart rate monitor with a chest strap for my cycle training, ever since 1992! They are okay but now I've swapped to a Garmin "vivosmart" HR that is more convenient an needs no chest strap. Somehow it counts your steps each day, which is interesting. I'm not sure how useful measuring your heart rate helps on a daily basis for health? It is of use to me for monitoring training effort in numbers all the time.

  • Thanks for that Hawker955, does it pair to your laptop or tablet?

  • Hmcevoy

    I wear a Fitbit watch.

  • Desktop, I don't have a tablet.

  • I have a fitbit which I can attach to either pockets or bra

  • I have a Withings Activite Pop which monitors my steps, swimming strokes and sleep. I particularly like it because it looks like a quality analogue watch and it pairs with an android or iOS app on my iPad or phone. I love this type particularly because it doesn't intrude. I have respiratory issues at night so would love something that could monitor my O2 sats aswell but I'm probably asking too much!

  • I use a Fitbit Charge HR, really motivates me, my resting HR has gone down loads since I had it. I can no longer run but my average steps now are 17000 that's almost 8 miles, it's a great piece of kit and wouldn't be without mine.

  • I use a Fitbit Charge HR too, and love it. I've definitely been more active since getting it. I set my target at 10,000 steps daily. I struggled with about 3,000 initially, but often reach 20,000 these days. It definitely motivates me and makes me push myself to meet my target on bad days.

    It talks to my iPhone and Microsoft tablet. I use it with 'my fitness pal' (free app) which records calories (very easy & painless to do). MFP and Fitbit talk to each other.

    All that, and it's purple too 😀

  • I have a fitbit charge hr. It's comfortable and is quite accuratewith your heart rate. It's easy to use and you pair it to your smartphone or desktop. The app has quite a lot of foods on it for calorie counting too.

  • I have the new Samsung G3 Frontier and it replaces my Fitbit Charge HR. It uses GPS to count distance and steps. it can connect to Fitbit app or you can use one of many that are out there. I am currently using Samsung app S-Health which I find good for me.. Comfortable to wear no chest strap lasts for 5 days on a charge and connects to my Computer, Tablet and smart phone. It is a little pricey but I believe you get what you pay for. Try it!

  • Apple Watch ⌚️its great for fitness and activity management. I find it's especially good to track how much moving about and things you have done do u know not to over do things as well.

    Also as much as it can be annoying the stand up once an hour reminder helps with not getting too stiff. And lastly the watch won't credit you with excersise minutes unless you have elevated your heart rate to at least the equivalent of a brisk walk.

    But for a 400 pound watch the most handy feats is that it will ping your iPhone so you can find it when it's down the back of the sofa lol

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