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Who reckons 'Cabbage ain't good cooked twice'?


Haven't had much to smile about recently - a root-exposed molar extraction (ouch!) in preparation for bone density medication - so I've decided to grin and 'bare' (i.e share) the aftermath!

Popped into well-known branch of high street store for 3 for a tenner meal for one dishes, (soft varieties), the third stacked as 'BRAISED LAMB IN REDCURRANT & MINT GRAVY', with carrot and mash image on the top of the cardboard slieve over-stamped with serving suggestion etc., with the latest use by date.

Oh my goodness! Having saved that one for last, imagine my horror when I removed the slieve to reveal what appeared to be mouldy speckles on the mash!

You could have shot me down with a feather when, after I'd taken a photo to accompany a complaint, I spotted in smaller capitals on top of the slieve 'with colcannon mash and carrots'. I'd never heard of it but Google had! My jaw is still hurting after 6 days' dental pain aggravated by laughter!

A recent spoonerism, as a daughter reminded me, was in regaling her with my well-remembered school dinners and my love for huge helpings of "dark cream gabbage" !!

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Very funny - I've done things similar before then embarrassed myself -

Sounds af if you have Bubbly Squeak Syndrome.

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