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Lost teeth!


Hi all,

Yesterday was my son’s sports day. And he was there for most of the athletics programs. When he was playing football, a boy hit him and he fell down. He lost his front 3 teeths. I didn’t knew what to do and so I asked one of my friend and she suggested me to replace his missing teeth. I didn’t knew any of the clinic which does dentures. Just done a small research on it and happened to find parkerhilldental.com/ , But I need to know more about the clinic. How much does it cost? Whether it’s good to do dentures for my son?

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Try asking the HU Dentistry and Oral Heal forum they are better placed to answer this question.

Good luck


Why didn't you put the teeth in a container and get him straight to a dentist or hospital with a dental dept? Teeth can be replaced in the gums if you act quickly enough but it's probably too late now. That's the problem with 'asking a friend'. So my advice is just go to a dentist and ask what the options are.

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