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Hi. Methotrexate is helping lots with pain and I get virtually no swelling but my Inflammatory markers stay consistently high-ESR 65 & CRP 30. I know they are a bit raised and they have both been double those numbers once but are they actually that high? I know it's not all about numbers and I should be cheering that my symptoms are better but if they are significantly high then that's not good to have lots of inflammation inside the body. If 65 and 30 are only a tiny bit high, I don't mind?

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I reckon if you are feeling OK & your rheumy is happy ...enjoy

The lab will soon contact you if your bloods are causing concerns!



The general guidelines are just that - guidelines. What's more important is your personal trends as some people have naturally high levels, and some low. So it may be that your "normal" is higher than the 20 given in guidelines, but as you probably never had it tested before you got RA who's to know? I know one person who regularly has similar levels to you.

I'm the reverse of you and have remarkably low levels (maybe a result of all the anti-inflammatory vegetables I eat!) and my ESR is normally 2. This does cause me problems as it keeps my DAS score artificially low, and makes it hard to convince doctors that I'm flaring. If my ESR goes over 10 (yes, 10!) I am usually in severe pain. Over 20 and I'm bedridden. I now have a spreadsheet of my result for last 6 years which helps demonstrate my normal to doctors.


I'm the same. Very low inflammatory markers , but they don't tell the whole story and erosive damage can still happen, as I know to my cost.


Absolutely! My ESR went up to 8 and new GP poo-poo'ed me complaining about toe pain. Luckily I had rheumy appointment a few weeks later and she checked with ultrasound and could see inflammation and, sadly, erosive damage after only a few weeks. Not too bad thankfully, but annoys me that GP didn't take earlier action and I didn't want to push it as I was a new patient. Lesson learnt!

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Hi helixhelix

I have the same issue,never had high I flammation markers. I like your tip on using a spreadsheet ,I'll definitely use that as an example of what's normal or not for me☺


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