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Is it normal to improve without treatment?

Hi everyone, I hope you are having a good day. For about 10 weeks I've been getting treatment of Celebrex and Co-codamol for suspected sero-negative rheumatoid arthritis, still waiting to see a rheumatologist.

I've not been able to walk properly since May, due to the pain in my feet. Over the last few months more joints seem to have become painful every week, but a strange thing happened over the weekend. My feet have suddenly improved! I can walk more easily and though I'm not pain free, it is an amazing improvement.

I wondered if this is normal? Is it possible for the pain to improve more or less on its own? My hands, jaws, elbows and knees are still the same, but I'm wondering if they will get better too.

Thanks for any replies x

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Yes, it often happens that the joints suddenly flare up or just as suddenly calm down. But you still need to see the rheumatologist - just keep a good record of what is happening. Also if you have swollen/red joints, take a photo of them. It often seems to happen that the joints settle down just before seeing the rheumatologist!


Thanks, oldtimer, I hadn't realised. I have already taken some photos as I have noticed that some days the swelling is less than others and I thought nobody would believe me lol x


Yes is not too unusual's called Palindromic Arthritis which I was initially diagnosed have pain that can last just a day or a week or more..then you wake up one morning & it's gone.

At first I thought it was "white coat syndrome" soon as you make an appointment to see your GP the pain goes......but I persevered & got a diagnosis.

But don't be put off push to see a rheumatologist & ask him if that could be the answer.

I was lucky to be diagnosed early & now 17 years later I have very little joint damage.

I have just been put on Biologics so it's not all a walk in the park, but I consider myself fortunate when I read how so many people have such problems.

Good Luck.....see a rheumatologist ASAP!



When I had my first flare many years ago I was really bad off with swollen fingers almost unable to walk and so on. I had only had mild joint symptoms on and off before this. I went to see a rheumatologyst who did the tests and everything was normal. She gave me a three weeks really strong Naproxen prescrption 1000mg for night and 500mg day. It had an immidiate effect and after three weeks I had no more symptoms for many years.

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