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Continuing to improve


Last week I posted about the amazing turnaround in my RA since straring Tocilizumab nearly two weeks ago.

This past week I have managed to cycle to Troon from my home in Prestwick which was a 9 mile round trip in absoulutely glorious weather. A few days before this I broke the ice with 4 mile cycle.

I did have an incident on the cycle path right beside Royal Troon Golf course when I stopped to retreive my phone which had slipped off. I stopped, threw my leg over the seat, caught it on the seat and went down with a THUMP onto the side of cycle path opposite the golf course which had loads of nettles and gravel. On falling I injured my pride, my right wrist and my legs are covered in black and blue bruises.

I could not get up! Two very nice cyclists - dad and daughter stopped and helped me and we had a nice chat, turns out they live in the same street I use to live in. I got their name and address and today I delivered a thank you present. An edible one.

Still wearing splint on wrist and pride has recovered lol! Wont stop me, now that I am back in the saddle i've booked cycling holiday in September!

Optimistic or what :)

Keep on keeping on RA warriors

Pic was taken on esplanade at Troon beach on sunday where I ate my packed lunch.

Chez x

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Well done you!

Nice one Chezis 😎🚴😎

That's great news for you! I've recently started Cimzia and just had my 2nd loading dose. I also like to cycle and I feel ready to get on the bike. I'm amazed at how much of a good reaction I've had so far. I hope that your meds work for you!

Take care on the wheels!

Chezis21 in reply to P0mp3yBlu3

go for it! I was a bit shaky at first an a wee bit scared, but by then end of my street I was fine.

Great news that your treatment is starting to work, I hope it continues and you can get back on your bike xx

Well done, great positive attitude 😀

So nice when something works!

So glad you've found something that's working for you! :)

Good for you Chez. I like your attitude. If you let it wear you down it will. Keep well.

Chezis21 in reply to Sheila_G

Thanks Sheila,

Never been one for running away from a challenge but RA has been the biggest challenge in my life so far.

I told myslef and kept telling myself that there would be a treatment out there that would help me and once I found it I would be grabbing life by the handlebars and living it to the full, and thats exactly what I am doing.

If this treatment continues to work I plan on cycling the North Coast 500 next year for NRAS. After 2 years of virually no excercise its going to take me a while to build up the stamina and get in tip top fitness - plus I have gained 3 stone over the 2 years - blinkin steroids!!!

Hope you are well.

Chez xx

Hi Chez. Your determination and grit will get you far but please always remember that RA is a serious disease and it will get the better of you at times. Don't overdo things and stay as positive as you are now. Good luck with training for next year's big cycle ride. Put me down as your first sponsor. x

Chezis21 in reply to Sheila_G

thank you. :)

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