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I'm really just asking if we know whether Teresa May is still patron of NRAS.

I'm beginning to get concerned about availability of medication after Brexit. I've just had a struggle to get new supply of leflunomide but helped out a lot by local pharmacist. But my pills are made in Germany, distributed from Republic of Ireland. I'd like to know whether there are any discussions/ contingency plans . A lot of people could be in difficulty and pain if trade arrangements are suspended.

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  • As I understand it, if no new agreements have been put in place with EU countries, then the World Trade Agreement comes into force. Which means that trade can still go on, but just costs us more as we will no longer have the preferential rates of the EU. After all, all the countries that currently supply the U.K. with products still want the business and don't want to lose 60 million customers and it doesn't cost them more - just us. Things are costing more anyway, as the pound has collapsed against the euro, which might be why some current blips in delivery - just the same as the Marmite stories!

    I will stop there, as otherwise will cross the HU guidelines of not raising politics, religion or other contentious issues...but still makes me boil!

  • Me too! Boiling that is. I hope the increased costs won't mean that some people will not be given expensive biologics. You're right about the WTO.

  • Interesting, my Leflunomide is made in Greece - Pharmathem Int SA.

    I agree with Helix, that the trade will still go on - customers and suppliers both want that. I'm pretty sure this will all pan out to be not so different to what goes on now. We can only wait and see.

  • I hope you're right!

  • Oh dear, I never thought of that. I'm on Enbrel and I'm sure that I heard the other day that Pfizer were shutting down there UK place since we are leaving the EU. My hospital needs to save twenty million pounds this year, I thought when I heard that that I would be changing to benapil injections, looks even more likely now!

  • I take Arava and mine says made in USA. I also take Riveroxaban that comes from Denmark, France, America etc. I don't know why your having trouble as I've not had any yet (Kent). Is it a problem with supplies i.e. not enough ordered or source of manufacture ?

  • I don't know. I haven't had time to talk to the pharmacist who worked hard to get me a supply and then post it to me because we're away from Edinburgh at present in the Highlands. I gather it was a problem with the manufacturer and its a different make from my first consignment.

  • I shouldn't worry Cathie.....Brexit will not have any concrete effect until TM announces that she has pressed the button to start our withdrawal from the EU.....& a lot of drugs might have German or Irish origins on the label, but a lot come from,India......

  • Thanks for the reassurance, but I am uneasy.

  • Over the last 6 years I've had intermittent drug supply problems. Usually someone failing to keep an eye on stock, or changing suppliers, or other innocuous reasons. The much bigger worry is that government is not giving NHS extra funding, so whether or not we are part of a trade agreement is a minor thing if there's no money to pay the bills.

  • That's what I was hinting at when I referred to 'rationing' of expensive Meds. Where are you these days?

  • Half way up my mountain far, far away from the NHS. Old habits are hard to break so I still consider it "my" health service.

  • Sounds rather good. Hi from Assynt in NW Highlands

  • Trade arrangements will affect costs with NHS and NICE involvment but there are few restrictions on actually importing prescription drugs from most places and as already a proven medication i think your concerns are unfounded.

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