Hi I'm waiting for my first Rheumatologist appointment, my Dr referred me on 12th sept and I haven't heard anything yet. I must admit it's all beginning to get to me a little. I have pain in my fingers, wrists, ankles, knees, hips and five slipped disks in my lower back which is also a little inflamed. At the moment the only place that doesn't hurt is my right shoulder....oh :-) xx

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  • Hi Pinny,

    It might be worth letting your GP know that you are still waiting for your rheumy appointment and once you get the letter through ring them to see if they have a earlier appointment because sometimes they have a cancellation you can hop into. In the meantime stay warm and as positive as possible (easier said than done I know!).

    All the best


  • Thank you Ali...I am going to moan at him tomorrow and see if he can push things a long a bit. I am trying to stay positive and a sense of humour deffo helps but every now and then it gets to me..especially when I stub my toe on my sons warhammer box! It's been a positive first experience here I'm so glad I joined :-) xx

  • Hi pinny123 and welcome. Ali is right, it is worth pushing to find out about your appointment. Sometimes these things get lost and your GP may be able to intervene on your behalf. In the meantime if you would like to have a chat about things please feel free to call the helpline anytime:

    0800 298 7650 Monday - Friday 9.30am - 4.30pm


    Beverley (NRAS Helpline)

  • Hi Beverly, everyone has been so kind with lots of support and welcome messages. I am off to see my GP tomorrow so I shall moan at him and hope he pokes the rhumy dept into a slightly earlier appointment. I hate the idea I might be pushing someone back though...

    thank you for your welcome and I will keep the helpline number close.. :-) xx

  • have a look for first appointment on here - lots of posts to help.

  • Welcome pinny123. The guidelines state you're seen within 3 months but it can seem an age when you're in pain. I was fortunate & was diagnosed quickly but my GP did prescribe me pain relief & an NSAID to take until I was seen so if you're not taking either I'd ask if your GP will do the same. One thing she did say though was to stop taking them a few days before my diagnostic appointment so I was ouchy enough to say where it hurt for the examination & the inflammation was apparent on imaging. Also important was that I had drug-free baseline blood results to prescribe appropriately.

    Be kind to yourself & try hot or cold compresses on the worst affected joints. I have an electric heat pad which works wonderfully, at the mo it's easing a painful shoulder. Warm water on your hands can soothe too.

    I hope your wait for your appointment isn't too much longer, maybe if you do see your GP it'll be a reminder you've not been seen at Rheumatology yet.

  • Thank you nomoreheels...great name! I am on tramadol and amitriptaline for my back but it doesn't want to work that well on my joints...I have a multitude of hot water bottles that I find well as warm water. I'm going back to moan at my GP tomorrow lol hope he can rush them a long a bit :-) xx

  • Good advice above so just wanted to say hi and welcome . Keep posting you'll find it's a great site x

  • thank you so much for your kind words and advice I will go and see my GP.. and moan at him lol :-) xx

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