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Pain control

Pain control.Morning shakers and movers,saw doc yesterday,rd related problems, but mainly back pain from collapsed vertebrae.Told her I take co- codamol,ibroprofen for pain, but need something else to help,I have been given a low dose(10 mg) of amitriptyline,one to be taken at night,now I know these are used for depression,never heard of them as painkiller,has anyone ever used these for pain relief, am a bit worried about using a new drug in my little twiggy body,hope someone can enlighten me.

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You are right Amitriptyline is used to treat Depression but in much higher doses eg 150mg. Research has found that in lower doses it does reduce pain levels. Incidentley anything that elevates mood reduces pain. Laughing gas was use to aneasthatise people to stop pain being experienced during ops.


Yes I take 50 mg at night & the registrar I saw last week recommended I increase the 25 mg I also take in the morning to 50 mg due to decreased movement of my neck. I started on 10 mg nightly & as I also started strong pain relief at the same time I had monthly reviews with my GP titrating the two until I my pain was better controlled. Whilst it's initial use was as an anti-depressant it was found to be effective as a muscle relaxant & an added benefit is it aids sleep, something at the time I was seriously lacking, not any more! It can take a little while to get the time you take it right, too early & you fall asleep in the chair (or I do) & too late can make you feel groggy in the morning. I take mine at 10pm & that seems to suit me but you'll just have to see how you react best & take it at that time. My GP prescribed it to ease cervicogenic headaches & spasm caused by cervical spondylosis. I'm going to have a word with my GP when I see her next as the registrar also recommended I start pregabalin but I'd prefer to have a full pain relief review as I'm already on quite strong pain relief meds & to be honest if one of my existing ones can be increased & will give adequate relief without the need to add another med then in my mind it's far preferable!

I hope it helps you, all the best from another twiggy body! x


I take 100mg for nerve pain but it also aids sleep which was much needed i take it at 9pm

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