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On MXT and have had a persistent productive cough

I have had a productive cough for just over 2 weeks ago. I did not have MXT last week. I have an appointment this Wednesday with GP. My next Rhuematology appointment is in February. This will be 9 months since I had my last face to face appointment. I converted to SC injections in July due to its side effects which I am still having together with mouth ulcers this was organised by telephone in response to my call. It is difficult to speak with a nurse specialist as the helpline is manned by admin staff. I have recently increased folic acid to help with the side effects which I continue to have.

My main concern is the cough which I'm a bit worried about. I'm due to have MXT on Tuesday. I'm not sure if I should miss it again this week and wait for my appointment with my GP on Wednesday.

I have been tired lately going to bed early and not wanting to get up in the morning and took 2 days off sick last week.

Thank you in advance

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It's good you've got GP appointment - don't leave until he or she has checked you over thoroughly, and don't be fobbed off with "phone your rheumy". And if doc thinks it's and infection that needs antibiotics make sure doc registers that some don't go with MTX like trimethoprim or others that are folate antagonists.

As for the MTX I can't advise, but I doubt it will make a big difference either way.


Thank you for your response x


dear matilda - luvly name. my leaflts say if u 'forget' a dose take it the nxt day and adjust folic to a day later for that week. back to normal nxt week. also i found taking it at night meant i slept through instead of thinking about it all too much. so if you plan to take it weds night after seeing gp you will know whether to pause it for antibiotics etc. i wish you well or at least better than now. xx


Boy - do I remember that. I started out taking my MTX in the morning for some odd reason, and within an hour and a half, it sent me to bed. So, I started taking it at night and actually slept - ha ha.


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