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Hi first post, waiting to see a rheumatologist


Had pains in my elbow feet knees and back for a while before going to doctors, was told pain in elbows was tennis elbow about three years ago. I have also been digonised with rosacea this year due to really dry sore eyes by a optolomist. Doctor took bloods and said I have raised markers for ra but not too high? Said he would refer me, got a phone call from surgery saying the doctor had spoken to department and I would get a appointment from hospital ? Not sure which hospital this will be, this all happened in August

I feel like I have a cold constantly is this a symptom?

I also have severe ibs for the last 20 years , bit worried about the medication as lots cause stomach issues? Only taking paracetamol at the moment for pain any thoughts anyone?

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Hi and welcome.

I too suffer from IBS but the drugs don't upset me. It is hit and miss on our tummies with most drugs.

I hope that you don't have to wait too long.

While waiting there are plenty of leaflets from NRAS and Arthritis UK to obtain (or download). Just stay off Dr Google. Use this site to rant and rave. The people here understand and are supportive.



Have a search on here for "first appointment". There are lots of posts with helpful advice. Keep a record of your symptoms with dates and take photos of any swollen joints If you can take someone with you - there will be a lot to remember at your first appointment.

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Make sure you tell the rheumatologist about the IBS stuff, just in case it is actually inflammatory bowel disease rather than irritable bowel syndrome - thats because inflammatory bowel disease goes hand in hand with one of the forms of inflammatory arthritis (spondyloarthritis) that also includes inflammatory back pain, and tendonitis type problems (actually enthesitis, which is inflammation right where bone joins onto tendons). Spondyloarthritis is a bit different from RA, but still a type of inflammatory arthritis, so if they say you don't likely have RA, make sure you ask them whether you might have another kind of inflammatory arthritis.


Good response!

I've got Psoriatic arthritis and until it was properly diagnosed my rheumy constantly asked about any bowel issues to rule out IBD. I don't have any but apparently the IA's are all related.

Hope you get some answers soon.

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Hi Jules40,

I also have IBS, and have done since I was little. I get quite a lot of upset from drugs and had to try several before finding one which both worked and left my tummy problems manageable. Make sure you mention it at your first appointment as it can make a difference to what they prescribe for you. Also the cold/flu like symptoms you comment on are very much how RA can make you feel - it is because your immune system is working overtime, so mention that too. Take notes on how you have been feeling in the run up to your appointment because it is easy to forget when you get there and you never know what might be relevant.

For pain I find it best to stay off NSAID types because they can upset your IBS, although they are often recommended for inflammation. I find paracetamol based ones are easier on the tummy. Ask which will be best for you at your appointment.

Best of luck, hope it goes ok.


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