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Swollen ankle

5months ago I fell and fractured my rig and fib have since been diagnosed with osteoporosis as well as RA plaster was removed after 5months last week since then my ankle has been swollen and i am finding it difficult to find socks to wear! Also ankle still painful orthopaedics felt physiology would not help very much as I have reasonable movement but weight bearing painful any suggestions?

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Hi there, sorry to hear about your fracture. are you using crutches or a stick if it is painful to weight bear?

We have a good section on our website about foot health here's the link : .

It maybe worth investing in some comfortable shoes or perhaps looking at a shoe insert from orthotics which may make it easier for you to walk.

Here is a link to our spring chicken site which has a selection of more comfortable socks:

Hope this helps .


After a fracture has healed you will have continuing problems there for some time - most people say 6-12 months. The bone will gradually remodel but you need to build up the muscles around the site of the fracture as, in a plaster, they haven't been used. The muscles help to pump the fluid back up the body, so you need to help them with small frequent exercise and putting your foot higher than your heart to help the drainage of fluid. Only put your foot up that high when you are sitting down though!!! (just read what I had written and had pictures of you doing the can-can!)

It is completely normal to have swelling for months afterwards, so don't worry, but keep exercising and watch your portion sizes to help avoid weight gain.


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