Flu jab anyone?

Flu jab anyone?

Not quite like the picture shows but at my GP's there were about 150 people ready to get one on Saturday! (but not the same one...)

But the point of the post is to ask y'all if you had one and if it's affecting you? It would be the 5th one I've ever had and it's been the most symptomatic. Not that I've been bed ridden or such like, but just groggy and befuddled (more than usual!)

Just thinking the concoction is a bit fiercer this year... Anyone else?

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  • I've just had mine and no reaction or ill effects at all this year. One year I felt ill after it although was told I must have been coming down with something anyway. Another year I had a very sore arm. This year nothing! It's not a live vaccine so really shouldn't make us feel ill but I've heard a lot of people saying it has done. Hope you feel better soon and at least we should be protected from real flu.

  • Just like the drugs we use, it would seem it affects people differently. I do wonder about the transport medium they use, what it's made of and how it affects organisms.

    Indeed, we should be protected against that flu variety.

  • I agree much worse this year had the jab last Wednesday had a sore throat, achy, cough etc. Mind you I had pneumonia in July and it was not as bad as it could have been as had the protective vaccination. I dread what type of flu this is protecting us from.

  • Odd, isn't it? I'm reassured that others have been experiencing similar reactions - par for the course this year perhaps.

  • Same here! I've had the jab for five years and never had a side effect but this year I'm achy, sore throat etc. Just assumed I was catching a cold anyway.


  • My reaction is a half-hearted effort - just feeling a bit odd with gastric queasiness and feeling drained.

    So, we're not the only ones.

  • My RA appeared to be triggered by the one and only flu vaccination I had. It produced terrible headaches, blurred vision and finally the onset of joint pain etc etc. Never again.

  • Gosh that sounds rough. As long as some of us in the population are protected, it should reduce the infection rates.

    It might be interesting to hear what else was happening in your life at the time. You said it was the first injection - what made you want to have the innoculation for the first time then?


  • I was talked into it by a friend. I'd had a nasty bout the previous year. I have read that this can happen as it can send the immune system into overdrive. I'll never know really but it was strange coincidence.

  • I am sorry some of you have had an uncomfortable experience, I had mine on Friday and everything is fine.

  • Good, so it's not everyone! Just a bit different this time for some people. Next time, those of us who are troubled will possibly sail through and those who have a fine time this year may get a reaction next.

    Swings and merry go rounds.

  • The first one with no reaction whatsoever, had it done at the chemist for free in a government attempt to relieve queues at doctors. Hope you are feeling better very soon.

  • Have had 5 or 6 over the years (and missed a few years too) Felt sick and achey last year but was fine the year before. Weird isn't it.

    Thanks for the reminder BTW. So much 'medical stuff' to attend to with the RA, forgot all about the flu jab, lol.

  • I think we need secretaries to help manage all this! :-)

  • I had mine last week and had no bother at all - just lucky I guess?

  • My Practice nurse gave me mine when seeing her for drug monitoring bloods last month so 3 weeks ago today & I've been fine too, though I did have an achy arm but as I've had that reaction before it seems a normal reaction for me. Hope you feel less bleuurgh soon.

  • Thanks!

  • Ive gotten mine last week, first time in a while it went swollen and red itchy as well it's just started to go down and it hurt when u banged it by mistake 😕

  • Been having a flu jab for about 10 yes now. And this year was the first time I've had a reaction. Jab site swelled up

    like an egg, went very red and itched!! OK now.

  • Ouch, nasty.

  • Mine is fine got it yesterday, arm a little tender to touch but...so far so good! Fifth time for flu jab and usually fine!

  • I have had them for years, asthmatic. This year, I got jabbed when they did my last bloods. Saved me making an appointment. Took my mother to Boots to get hers today. I have never had a problem.

  • The flu jab it's self doesn't make you unwell they say if you get unwell after it then it's something that's already been boiling away

  • Yes, I've heard that explanation...

    It's sort of like an empty shell of the virus - I think - so while it's not to reproduce, the shell presents the shape of the virus to your body's autoimmune system so it can create antibodies which match the shape of the virus to attack, should it show up later.

    So in essence your body's reacting AS IF it's infected so my understanding is that you can have symptoms of a virus, but it's your auto-immune system getting busy in defence mode.

    If anyone can expand my knowledge, do let me know! (as in, correct me...)

  • My son makes the flu vaccine and he said that it is made up of 3 different strains of flu these being the 3 strains most likely to be prevalent in the coming winter. This year they are H1N1, H3N2 and a B strain. You can find these on the WHO (World Health Organisation) website under influenza composition.

  • Outstanding resource!

    Not someone's brother's aunt, twice removed who knew someone who worked in the lab's kitchen for two weeks, oh no, HE MAKES THE STUFF!

    Thank him, for doing what he does.


  • Haha! Thank you. I will pass on the message.

  • I've heard that it is a bit rougher on you this year, but I'd still rather suffer side effect for a couple of days than get a full blown dose of the flu. I also heard that people who have had the pneumocc jab at the same time as the flu jab have suffered worse. I'm getting mine tomorrow.

  • While it can be a bother to have the symptoms, I'm reassured that my body is doing what it needs to do defend against a virile infection.

    Hope yours goes well!

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