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Dangers of Ciprofloxacin

One of my Sons called a Doctor out to me on 26 August, I was on my second day of shaking violently for 45 minutes between 9 am and 9-45, I had a video of myself on my iPad as I thought no one will believe this, on showing it to the Doctor he said I had a urine infection and prescribed me 10-500mg tablets Ciprofloxacin to be taken twice a day, about two days later I started to get pins and needles in my fingers, my toes went numb and I have little feeling in the rest of my feet. I did a lot of research on the net and found this medication was the culprit. I went to see a lady Doctor and asked to be checked for Diabetes which I don't have so that was ruled out and she said there was nothing she could do for me, I then seen the Doctor who had given me the tablets and told him what I had found on the internet and his response was it's a lot of rubbish you get on the net this is a Doctor that at first tried to deny he had been at my house and who also tried to blame Methotrexate which I stopped in July, but eventually he got his medical Bible out and agreed it could have been the Ciprofloxacin but he said there is nothing he could do and that I would just have to wait for the nerves to repair themselves, it's now been over 10 weeks and I now have to use a stick for fear of falling and I know old age (am 78) doesn't come on it's own but I am desperate and almost housebound, I would be grateful for any suggestions, even if one of the two Doctors had referred me to specialist who might know about this but they did not.

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