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Pain, Swelling & Discolouration !!!!!

Hi everybody, hope you are all enjoying the lovely weather, it's a bit too warm for me but not complaining about that. I have a question, I have RA and on 17.5 MTX injections plus other meds for diabetes and PMR. My worst affected joints are my wrists but the right one at the moment is SO painful and swollen plus it is really discoloured. I am seeing my consultant the beginning of November and also being referred to hand clinic. Anybody have this problem and any advice would be appreciated.

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Remember to take photos! Almost certainly it will have gone down and look almost normal by the time you see the consultant, it's always seems to be like that!

As for what you can do at present: have you a wax bath system? They don't cost a lot and can be good for relief of pain and swelling. I got mine from Amazon and I can get more wax on prescription too. Ordinary hot and cold bathing (two bowls needed and lots of towels), leaving the wrist in until at the temperature of one bowl and then switching to the other and doing the same. That also helps with pain and swelling. Support - but you need a splint that fits well and doesn't press on the tender bits.

I'm sure others will be along with other suggestions soon.

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Hi MartTH - I agree with oldtimer - take photos... from a couple of angles / directions. Try some pain relief gel (if you have it... if not maybe something like aspercreme? I make my own out of coconut oil and essential oils - lavender, peppermint, thyme, rosemary. It works immediately, but doesn't last long. Also, the ice bags will help get the swelling down a little.. Good luck there


Thank you I might try that mix as I can't use the regular gel xx


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