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I'm newly diagnosed with what the rheumatologist describes as "an unusual presentation of RA", essentially because it started 4 months ago overnight after food poisoning. It was assumed to be Reactive Arthritis as it follows that pattern, and has peaked and is now much less debilitating. However, blood show the anti-bodies that indicate RA so I've had steroids and now MTX. I'm really hoping to hear some early experiences of MTX.

I've been warned about nausea and feeling yuk etc - but is this just the day after my dose - or forever?

Also, do intake the folic acid every day (except MTX day) or just the day after MTX (the rheumatologist wasn't clear)?

I'm so grateful for any early experiences you guys have had on this stuff, thank you :)

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  • We get told off if we give medical advice, so you should really hassle your rheumy team for specifics....

    As for nausea - after the first couple of weeks on MTX tablets I stopped feeling nauseous, and even when I did it was only for about a day. Now I have injections which make me feel a bit sea sick for a couple of hours & that's it.

    Your prescription should state how many folic acid you should take a week. I only take it once a week, 24 hours after the MTX, but we are all different.

  • We are all different and so it can't really be reliable as the experience of taking any medication not just those related to RA varies from person to person. Your consultant should advise you re the folic acid.

    I hope you get no side effects at all and the NRAS website has oodles of info anyway. Try not to worry and look at it this way, if 10% of people get a side effect then 90% don't. So the odds are very good in your favour.

  • I was on Mtx for 7 years & it was brilliant...I had no nausea - in fact I forgot I was taking it most of the time.....but overnight it went rogue on me & I had to stop taking it...but I had 7 very good pain free stick with it.

    I took Folic acid everyday except Mtx day....but on this site I have read lots of different amounts. Ask your Rheumy nurse...he/she will have good advice.

    I do hope Mtx suits you, cos when it works it's marvellous!

    So Good Luck!

  • I am on Rituximab now but I used to take MTX for a few years. I took it at night and It made me dizzy even laying down at first. I gradually worked up to the required 25mg. In the beginning I would sit on the edge of the bed each morning and not stand up until I was quite certain I was with it. This did pass fairly quickly as my body adjusted and I got accustomed to it in time. The Rheumy added Arava as well after a while. I was told to take the folic acid the day after the MTX but I know different specialists advice different things.

    Wishing you a good outcome with this drug.

  • Hi, all I can say is hubby takes 25mg MX once a week, on the other days he takes folic acid. He did feel nauseous and tired for a few days after the MX but that has now passed. It helps to take someone with you to your appts. I always go with hubby, as sometimes we are overwhelmed with info to take in, when it applies to new medication etc etc. Take care :))

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