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Toci Infusion

I finally had my first infusion today. I had an appointment for last Friday but it didn't happen due to me losing weight. The infusion was ordered for me weighing 80kg and I was only 69kg. The Rheumatologist was away and unable to be contacted so I had to wait until til today. The good news is it went well no problem, I am hoping to have it in injection form so I don't have to travel depending on a friend to take me, this has yet to be discussed with my Rheumatologist. I am not driving over here as I have to apply for a Canadian drivers license and it takes a long time. The one thing I miss is not driving as I did in the UK.

I am so happy now I have had my first infusion and hopefully I will start to feel better and no more flare up's or at least a lot less of them and a lot less pain. Whilst in the UK I felt that the Tocilzumab infusion gave me back my life again, fingers crossed it will happen again and I can come down from the prednislone and even more so I will no longer have steroid induced diabetes.

I hope everyone is feeling well and the UK weather is keeping the RD pain at ease. Take care everyone. Sue xx

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