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New to Biologics

Hello all. I am hoping that someone will be able to give me some insight on biologics. I have RA and was diagnosed November 2015. In the past six months it has become more aggressive with constant pain in my hands and fatigue. I have been in a flare since March with no sign of getting better. I currently take prednisone 8 mg a day, methotrexate 20 mg injection per week and just recently started taking Embrel 25 mg twice a week (I took my second dose Monday). I am on my third rhuemy doctor as the other two were not listening to me on how I wanted to pursue my treatment. With my new doctor she and I agreed to try Orencia infusions but my health insurance wouldn't cover it without trying Embrel first. So here we are trying Embrel. I have taken 2 doses so far with no side affects that I am aware of however I did wake up Tuesday morning with a sore throat and fever and cold like symptoms. So here's my question I am due for my next dose of Embrel on Thursday. Should I take it or hold off for a few days until my sore throat goes away? Normally I am a very healthy person (minus the RA) and rarely come down with colds or the flu, but I was also advised by a previous Rhuemy (my current dr has not advised either way) to hold my biologic for a few days if i was ill or cut myself to give time for the healing to start. I mean technically it will have been a few days since I first started feeling sick. Does anyone have any suggestions or experience with this?

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Dear Mel_H,

Below are the very good and informative videos for one to understand what RA is all about and the different kind of treatments available these days. I believe they will help you to understand well.


It might be helpful to give our helpline a call, the team would be able to offer support and information and can be contacted on 08002987650 or by email at

Hope this helps. Val, NRAS

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Hi Mel. My Rheumatologist generally has me stop treatment when I'm on antibiotics. I would contact the physician to find out what you should do. Being early in your Enbrel trmt he/she may say continue so that you don't get off course. After you've been at this a while you'll know what to do on such occasions. But for now I would stick with physician advice. I've been at this for about 15 years. ☺


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