Alternative Therapies?

Hi All - Do you use any other alternative therapies with your RA? I am on Minocycline, but I also discovered a month or so ago that Tourmaline bracelets (one on each hand) help me to sleep better and mostly all night. They also seem to help with the Restless Leg issues. Of course, we take all of our electronic wi - fi things out of the bedroom - no cell phones, etc. and that seems to help. We also use KT tape to support what ever is hurting that day - Today it is my shins for some reason - ha ha.

Just curious what other alternatives you all use and how successful they are for you?

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From being wheelchair/housebound at Easter with chronic RA I am now closing in on a full and permanent recovery by changing my diet and then supporting that process with other techniques. Read more about my journey at foodandarthritis.blogspot.c...


Thanks andyswarbs. yeah - the diet thing is critical. Congratulations on your success!

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