A few weeks ago a lady on this site said she was trying Urestomol for an over active bladder. Has anyone else tried it and would it interfere with Methotrexate, warfarin or Bisopronol.? Does anyone know what the other lady thought of it? I suffer from an over active bladder, some days I continuously feel as though I want to were but it is often a false alarm and I don't need to go at all!. Boots advertise this product a lot on TV

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With regards to whether it is safe to take, it might be worth asking your doctor or a local pharmacist, as this is safer than going by someone's personal experience. You can use the search box (top right of page) to find mention of this in previous posts, but I suspect that is what Kai has already done for you. Hope you find that this or any other product you try will be helpful. I would suggest speaking to your GP though, even if what you want to try is over-the-counter. They could look at what might be causing it and decide whether a product like this is what's needed, or if there is something going on that needs treating, such as a urinary tract infection that's never quite cleared up.

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Having been through the bladder stuff (and discovering it wasn't just overactive bladder) I would strongly recommend anyone with bladder problems asks to see a continence advisor nurse (you can usually self refer) as they will be able to screen for problems and make sure they know what they are treating. In particular, what people think of as an overactive bladder can quite often actually be a sign of retention, where your bladder doesn't empty properly until it gets so full that it only releases small amounts very frequently but never properly empties, and that can cause problems with back flow to kidneys or frequent infections amongst other things. A continence nurse will easily be able to assess whether it really is frequency or retention, and advise on the most appropriate treatment. The danger of taking a medication to slow down bladder emptying is that if your bladder is already overfilling and you don't know it, it could cause even more problems.


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