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Healthcare at Home Communication regarding delivery and other issues

As a result of some recent medicine delivery issues brought to our attention via this online community NRAS immediately contacted Healthcare at Home (HaH) and are pleased to say that they have taken decisive action. They have also written to us today and asked us to share their communication on this platform (see letter below) NRAS has a very good relationship with HaH and are confident that when issues are raised by us and individuals that the company acts swiftly to resolve it and they have patients interest at heart. If you want more information about biosimilars and how they are being introduced across the UK visit



Thank you for sharing the recent feedback on Health Unlocked about our service. It is very important for our Healthcare at Home team to identify any issues which may cause unnecessary concern or distress and to address them as quickly as possible.

We are working closely with Trusts and clinicians to share information with individuals ahead of any treatment switch occurring, to ensure a smooth and seamless transition.

We want to get this right every single time.

For new individuals to treatment, we have policies and processes in place to ensure this happens safely and smoothly. The referring hospital centre completes a Healthcare at Home registration form and they send it back to us along with a correctly completed, valid prescription.

For people switching from another treatment we have two options which are as follows:

1) Transferring a person currently receiving Healthcare at Home service

2) Transferring to Healthcare at Home from another service provider

To make this a smooth continuous service, both these groups of people can be managed as directed by the hospital referring centre with the choice of two options:

Option 1) Switch once the person’s individual current prescription expires

Option 2) Switch patients in bulk or in batches on a set date

We support the hospital referring centres to ensure this process runs smoothly by;

•outlining the overall process and confirming planned start dates

•checking information is correct, ensuring the plan agreed for individual people needing treatment is transitioned in a timely and seamless way

•communicating closely with a special Healthcare at Home team, along with internal specifically trained staff

•agreeing weekly reporting requirements and communications with the hospital throughout the process

If any patients have a question or query about their Hospital Trust switching to use biosimilars, in the first instance we recommend they discuss it with their Clinical Nurse Specialist or Consultant who can then contact Healthcare at Home. Healthcare at Home will be very happy to help and support if the transition is planned to occur, or advise how we can offer support if this is required.

In the meantime, our Healthcare at Home team will continue to work closely with Trusts and NRAS because we very much want to make this part of the treatment journey a positive experience for all patients.

Thank you so much for contacting us.


Lynda Gettings

Rheumatology Consultant Nurse and Head of Biologics

Healthcare at Home

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It's good to have this reassurance from H@H, thanks NRAS for your intervention. Like so many things it seems the policy isn't being followed in practice - I was just about to contact H@H having not heard about my next delivery which is really unusual for them. Now I realise it's probably to do with the switch I've been told to expect. The only contact I've had about that is a generic letter from my Rheumatologist. I would have been a bit alarmed if I hadn't read Ailsa's reassuring piece on Biosimilars in the Newsletter. Now I just want to get on with using the Benipali (sp?) to experience for myself if it's the same. I don't want different side effects - unless they're preferable!


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