Worried old me

Hello I am waiting to have my PIP assessment soon ,and I am worried about losing my car which I need, I would not be able to walk to the shops or anywhere. If I don't get it does anyone know if I will be able to buy my car which has a steering wheel aid, would I get any discount ?

I am getting really stressed now, which makes my body hurt even more .

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  • Hi try not to stress too much as your the one that suffers I know easier said than done, just say it as it is and if you do lose the enchanched rate appeal straight away and bring as much evidence from your go and Rheumy consultant etc, I had the health at home nurse at my house today and 2 off her pals were assesors they left the company after a week because they were two embarrassed with being pressured from their bosses to give people the lowest rate in the 2 catogries or give them no award. It's an absolute disgrace what genuine disabled people are treated this way, that's the tories for you good luck

  • Thank you for your reply, it is very stressful though, CAB helped me fill forms in, and I was in such pain that day, but I had to keep my appointment ,

    But I still worry about losing the car, I'm sure I've heard if your car is fitted with aids, you don't have to pay VAT if you end up purchasing it .

  • I understand if you have a car already and you loose it you can get a grant of £2000 from DLA to buy a car you would have to enquire about that as the could have ended now ,

  • It is stressful not knowing if you are going to be able to keep your car. If you do have to give it back, there is a process for doing this, where you will get given some deposit back again (the amount depending on how long you have had the car) to help you buy a new one. As far the steering wheel aids go, if it is just that ball thing that fits onto the wheel, you can actually buy those for less than £15 and they can be fitted on pretty much any car - years ago I had one on a 1955 Morris Oxford! It would be worth googling to see if there is a disability driving adaptations service near you that could advise.

  • Don't know about car but I am in the same position. I go on 9 August am worried about it and it is causing my hands to swell due to stress, and tension everywhere. Don't they think about this when they make these STUPID decisions.!!!

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