I'vet been in hospital for several days, for shortness of breath. I could'nt take my MTX pens for three weeks because i was on antibiotics. Ended up with three different sorts , two intravenous and one tablet form. My BP was all over the place down low and then up high. They took a BP tablet off me and gave me a water tablet, as they thought the swelling in my ankles was water which it is'nt. I'm now having a flare in my ankles. I'm struggling with the heat a bit , but gradually getting back to normal. It's taking time but i will get there in the end. My dog missed me and we have got to build his leg muscles up starting with short walks and the going longer, me on my scooter and him at my side. Have to take him early so it's not to hot.

Hope everybody is in good health and good spirit with the warmer weather, stay cool and enjoy.


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Thinking of you Chris. This weather is causing all sorts of problems. xx


Sorry to here that you're having a rough time at the moment but is sounds like you maybe getting back on form slowly but surely.

The heat is a bit much at times and I've taken to sleeping with a cold flannel slapped on my forehead!

All the best



Thank yo for the replies, I do a bit sit a lot. Everything seems to get done even tho it's taking ages to do them. Had dinner i cooked but we only had bacon butties.

Hugs Chris


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