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Got a letter this morning telling me I am required at the Count Court on 1st August 2016 for jury service. This hit me like a bomb. Going through a really rough time at the moment, in a really bad flare. Daughter gets married in Saturday, probably the hassle of this has brought it on.

Has anybody else had to do jury service or is there a way you can get out of it on Medical Grounds ?? The thought of having to sit on a really hard seat for hours fills me with dread, apart from having to get a train everyday to get there. At 70 years of age and in agony with this disease, this is last thing I needed. Can anybody help ???? Xxl

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  • The rules ineligible between the age of 65 and70 years

  • Yes you can on ill health grounds. Not sure of the procedure but I would advice you contact them as soon as there is bound to be a form to fill in.!

  • The age limit is being raised to 75 - although not sure that is in place yet. However, you should be able to get excused on health grounds without too much problem. Currently over 65 they are much more considerate about health issues. The courts don't want jurors who may have to drop out because of ill health halfway through a trial.

    As Smithfield says contact them straight away. The letter you got should explain how.

  • I think you may need a medical certificate from your GP so you need to contact the Court Office and ask for the procedure for exclusion due to medical grounds. But it really might be interesting and I'd love to do it provided its not a fraud trial which is boring.

  • I've done it twice now, and can't say it was a pleasure. I don't like violence and most cases included something unpleasant, and most cases weren't completely clear cut so there was a big element of wondering whether we'd made the right decision which was stressful.

  • My dad was excused jury service on the grounds that it was during harvest time and he was a farmer so I think you should be able to be excused on health grounds re RA.

  • Many thanks for your replies, I will contact them tomorrow, will be such a relief if I can be excused. Will let you know how I get on. Xxx

  • Agree, that it should be relatively easy to be excused on medical grounds. Don't mention the wedding though - that would likely not be seen as a good excuse.

  • You'll need to act promptly, if it's as it was when I was called up they only give you 7 days to return the summons otherwise you risk a fine. You'll need to state your reasons why on the part of the form you return (there should be a specific area to do this) & they may then reply & ask for further medical evidence from your GP or Rheumy, whoever you think would be best placed to provide evidence or reasons. It would be worth questioning why you've been summonsed at all, I thought the cut-off age was still 70, but it may depend on when you've to attend & how close to that date you turn 71.

  • Hello. I know in the country I live you can get out of it on medical grounds. You are also excused if you of a certain age or are responsible for the care of family members etc. I am sure it can't be so different where you are. Is there a number you can call on your notice? I hope you can get it sorted. Hoping the wedding goes well and many congratulations. 💜🙌

    Cas xx 🍓

  • i am not sure but I thought 70 was the cut off age unless this has been raised. Either see your GP or rhuematologist for their opinion. They may give yo u a letter as support for you not to attend for jury service

    I was called once but as a nurse I was able to get out of due to my work and the I me of year but I believe this has also changed.

    Hope you get permission not to attend

    Good luck

  • I wrote back stating my illness and how I couldn't sit still for the required length of time. Also it would cause a great deal of pain and stiffness, did say they could contact my GP if required. Like you the thought of it filled me with horror, thankfully they accepted my word for it. Good luck

  • Well I have filled in the form but it does look like you are illegible from the age of 65 to 70. I have also stated how bad my mobility is just to be sure. Once again many thanks for your replies, believe me it's a load off my mind xxx

  • I'm sure you will be excused on health grounds. Just list all your health problems (pain, unable to concentrate etc) and all your requirements (near a toilet, regular breaks, etc) and you should be excused without a Dr's certificate. Hope this helps.

  • I live in Scotland and was excused on health grounds when I broke my shoulder. I had to provide a medical certificate from my GP confirming my health difficulties which I enclosed with my form.

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