Does this sound like a flare

I have just returned from holiday three days before I went my right hand and wrist started hurting by the third day it was agony I went to the gp who gave me steroids after three days of being on them hand was back to normal I have my last pill tomorrow. Returned to work today my whole hand has started to hurt again does this ring any bells with any one. Thanks for taking the time to read this x

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  • This certainly sounds like a flare speak to your GPS or Rheum Nurse if u have one

  • Thank you I will give my Rheumy nurse a ring tomorrow x

  • Yes that sound like a flare. Lets hope it will subside soon. Keep us posted. All the very best.

  • Hi I am afraid it does. Steroids are wonderful for a quick fix to get us over a bad flare but sometimes we are lulled into a false sense of security and have to remember that steroids wear off and flare ups happen again. x

  • Spoke to my Rheumy nurse today and she's managed to get me a appointment for tomorrow will let you know how I get on. When I got to work this morning I told my supervisor that I would be ringing my nurse she replied you have only been back a day perhaps you might have to think about retiring I was so shocked almost in tears could not believe what she said x

  • I am sorry to hear your supervisor has not been very understanding . I take it he knows you have RA . We have a good booklet called ' when an employee has Rheumatoid arthritis ' do you think it may help giving this to him so he has a better understanding of your condition.If you want to contact our helpline to discuss this further and we could send you the leaflet or it is available to download on our website.

  • Thanks Alison I will give the helpline a ring x

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