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Re new to all this

I posted this 4 days ago as a reply in the original thread !

Thank you everyone for your replies and support, I have found lots of information looking through the posts on here, I'm feeling so much better than I was 4 weeks ago when I didn't think I would ever be out of pain again! I'm taking my 4 th dose of mtx tomorrow and next week I'm hoping to be able to go back to work for a day or two, I'm managing without the tramadol for now which makes me feel better in itself, I am starting to get achy knees sometimes but I wonder if it's the transition between steroids which I'm reducing ( on 3 a day now was 4 ) and the mtx which I'm increasing take 7 tomorrow started on 4, I suppose until I'm finished the steroids I know for sure what's doing what.


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Hi Martin

Glad to hear you are feeling (a bit) better. Reducing steroids can be difficult at the best of times. Even when you are feeling otherwise ok it is still difficult. I am currently weaning myself off a huge dose of morphine that I have been on for years, and I would still say steroids are almost as difficult. I was on prednisolone for years, it took me ages to get off, but the longer you are on them the harder it gets as your body stops making its own, as you probably know.

It is always good when folk that have been at a low point start to improve. It happens, we all have points where we feel like we will never feel normal again, and then a few days / weeks / months / years later look back and realise how bad we were and how much better we are.

Long may the improvement last, but remember when you next feel bad, it won't always be like that. I hope you find the MTX kicks in quickly and you don't have too many side-effects. If you do though, have a search through the site - there are lots of threads with practical advice and people with experience of it on here.

Good luck with the work, but don't over do it.

All the best.



Agree with Ade ( saves me a load of typing lol) glad you are feeling better X


Good to hear that things are getting better for you.

Keep it going.



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