side effects of Celebrex

Hi All, 

 My Consultant on my last visit added Celebrex x2 with omeprazole and I've been taking them at night for about 3 weeks.. 

Not sure if anyone else has experienced this but I have had some severe IBS symptoms and bad gas in the last week.. (I've stopped taking them as I can't cope with the IBS) but I'm still having severe lower stomach cramps & gas 4 days on..  I could double up with the pain.. 

Do I call the Rhumy nurse and inform them? It's pointless calling the GP as it'll be 3 weeks before I get in..  I'm still taking the MTX & Luflonomide as usual daily.. 

This surely can't carry on for long now I've stopped taking them ?? Can't be doing with IBS, Ulcers AND RA/OA!! :O(

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  • Leflunomide can cause tummy upset Sara. Is this a new symptom? 

  • Yep.. Been on Luflonomide for 5 weeks now back for 3rd 2 week bloods on Tuesday next...  Maybe it doesn't agree with me.. 😩

  • You poor soul😢

    I feel your pain. Never been to the loo so much since I started DMARDS. Better since Biologics.

    I would phone your Rheumy Nurse, not good to have symptoms like the ones you describe. 

    Best of luck, don't suffer in silence. Tell someone is my small advice.


  • Thank you so much... I think I do need to call them.. Take care! 

  • You too


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