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Hi, like you Tracey, I've had RA for a year and have been taking Methotrexate for 10 months gradually increasing to 20mg weekly. I have only experienced a couple of side effects e.g slight hair loss in the beginning & a few mouth ulcers. (Both these conditions have now improved). My RA is reasonably controlled, but I don't feel as if I'm there yet! Steroid injections really helped me in the early stages of the condition when I was in agony on many occasions, so I would really recommend having one.

I am also taking Sulfasalazine now & I feel as if I get more side effects with that drug! e.g Excessive burping on occasions! I don't know if anyone else is  experiencing that problem?

I hope his has been helpful Tracey, but of course like the condition 'everyone is different'!

All the best Tracey.

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Hi I take Metx, sulfazalasine and hydroxocloroquine and get a lot off wind at both sides if you know what I mean , it can be quite embarrassing sometimes but I think it's a side effect of the sulfazalasine , but an waiting t go onto Biologics so I think they will drop the sulfazalasine and hydrocloroqine  hope y get your side effects sorted

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