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Just felt the need to give a big shout out for methotrexate in helping me get through the bad times, it seems to get a raw deal on here probably because those feeling the benefit from taking it don't feel the need to stick up for it, I've said on other threads after 30 years of suffering from RA almost 2 years ago now my rheumatology consultant confirmed I was now in remission, like most suffers I went through the bad times hospitals stays etc, so now to have no pain is like being born again, I have the scars and one hand is deformed now and all the other things RA inflicts on us, if you can't take methotrexate that's a great shame but I would like to ask one thing please don't frighten others from taking it, it may not work for you but there are thousands like me it does work for, I hope your pain relents like mine and hopefully you won't have to wait so long, there were times when I couldn't turn the pages of a news paper or open a car door it was too painful, I now play golf every week, just hang in there as best you can and hopefully things will change for you for the better.

God bess


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Hooray! Ditto! And amen! Methotrexate has been miraculous for me. Yes, I still get occasional times when things get uncomfortable. Yes, I still get unreasonably tired for no good reason sometimes and there are times when I'm feeling fed up with the whole sodding business. But I don't have to spend days and weeks crying on the sofa with agony and praying for it to be time for the next tramadol. I can use door handles, lift saucepans and (if a bad case of housewife's twitch overtakes me) charge around with the vacuum and terrorise the dog. If it doesn't suit you I'm sorry but if it does we should be telling others how perishing good it is

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Brilliant news mike, and long may this continue! X

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Yeap.... six years in and MTX has been my only med so far and I’ve managed to continue my teaching job though I dropped to a 4 day week in September - I applied in February before all this COVID stuff kicked off and I’m glad for the extra day in my weekend.

I did have to work at settling in to MTX at the beginning and when up to 20mg/week. I took it with plain yoghurt with fresh ginger in it and then chose to split my dose to half in the morning and half with tea which made a difference. Now I’m down to 15mg/week no nausea, headaches etc and doing ok normally... currently having a little flare but that’s probably from dropping MTX cold-turkey when I tested C-19+ and a residue of the virus.


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Very well said Mike, Mtx works well for me. It still is a safe and tested gold standard. Is so happy for you that you are in remission. 😊

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It is my best friend...wouldn’t be without it.

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Good post about the positive effects of drug therapy, in fact I suggest you edit the title to read ‘positive effect of MTX, or ‘benefit of MTX’ so people can find it on the search results.

I know it doesn’t suit everyone, but amongst the benefits is the fact it’s been around for a long time and the side effects are well understood.

We tend to hear the bad stuff, but there are always side effects to drugs. Some people don’t notice them, others do, but the benefits still out weigh them.

I’ve been on it for about 7 years; alone, in combination with triple therapy, and now in a reduced dose with RTX.

Thanks for your post Mike, I hope it reassures anyone who’s just been prescribed MTX. I thought there were no other replies when I wrote this so hope I haven’t just repeated what everyone else has said....

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Thank you for this positive post. It's timely for me as now that I'm on 25mg Metoject (which is probably a high dose for me as I'm under 10 stone) I'm getting a day of pretty bad nausia (along with the fog) but this is a good reminder that it's a small price to pay.

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I honestly cried when my rheumy rang me last week to say we have to pause my MTX due to a blip. Although it has not got my RA fully under control it certainly was helping.

I have had very few side effects too since changing over to Metoject. As much as it is not good that I have had to pause my MTX until I have been seen by the gastroenterologist and another type of scan done it will be a good indicator for me just what benefits I get from MTX. Really hoping that I will be able to go back on it in the near future. 🤞🏻

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Thank you for this post, it gives those ,like myself, just starting out on their journeys much hope ! 🙂

Thank you, Mike. I've only been taking MTX for 21 months, so I'm a relative beginner. I was told I was in remission 15 months ago, but in the early days I had more than enough of crying from the pain and not being able to get onto my feet unaided. It's so heartening to read your jubilation over what MTX has done for you.Can I just ask one question: you say you have had RA for 30 years, have you been taking MTX all that time?

Happy new year, happy new life!

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No Bacharia not all the time about the last 20 years, I think I'm right in saying back then methotrexate was one off the last meds you were prescribed, I still take a very small amount but my blood test results have been excellent in recent years, I never thought this day would come no swelling no aching joints when there have been times when I couldn't walk.Happy new year to you.

I hope you get the same outcome ,God bless


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I am so thankful methotrexate was available to me on diagnosis (9 months ago). It’s all I take, and my RA has already been declared ‘under control’. It’s great, and very reassuring to hear it’s worked for such a long time for you, Pitbull

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Hello there I joined this forum in 2nd lockdown. Now on 3rd here shielding. Been on methotrexate for approx 4 to 5 years initially tablets 17.5 positively reduced to 10mg and on injections since August 2019 really helped my autoimmune condition. I work full time and keep healthy so thank you for positivity. The tiny side effects outweigh the day to day living as others have said. I even think it has helped my osteoarthritis, so happy. May I also congratulate my consultant and nurses that are great support.

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Works well for me too and I hope it continues to do so.

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Yes I agree, I was in Methotrexate injections for four years, it worked on my RA a treat, but unfortunately I started to get infections and had to come off it. But it does work. At the moment I am off all drugs, but the time is coming when I think I will have to go back onto RA drug. .

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