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Hi, I'm getting married Friday 24th June ☺ I take mtx Wednesday morning followed by folic acid 3 days later.  I'm still off work as my fatigue, soreness and swelling hasn't reduced enough for me to return yet, unfortunately. I'm not due back to the consultant until 19th April when my dose might change from 10mg.

My question is whether I can take a holiday from mtx for a week as I've just booked a 7 day cruise with a drinks package included - flying from Rome going round Italy and the Med and flying back from Barcelona 😆??

I was told not to have alcohol the day before,  on the day or the day after mtx. ...my liver so far is behaving with the meds. I'm vit b12 and vit d  deficient but this won't be addressed until I go to the specialist in April.

Also how does one travel with meds? ? I take a variety of maintenance vits, mtx, folic acid,  omeprazole,  dicloflex (currently due to inflamation) the occasional cocodamol or paracetamol when needed! It's an American boat- Celebrity Equinox.

Sorry for the long post 😊and the unearthly hour lol....awake at 2 when my fiance came in from a night out (alright for some - can't remember the last time I was out enjoying myself at that time!!!😇)

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  • Congratulations on your forth coming wedding. Now don't quote me on this and it is best to get your rheumys advice before you plan anything,but depending on how you are i wouldn't htink it will hurt,but don't do anything without  your rheumys say so darling.Looking forward to seeing your wedding photos afterwards.xxxxx

  • Travelling with meds is easy - just make sure you have the paperwork is prescriptions and so on.

    And as for the wedding week....I'm with Sylvi on this one too.  talk to your rheumy tho', as my one would understand these sorts of things and would probably give me a steroid shot to make sure I was pain free for the holiday. 

  • Unfortunately steroid jabs don't seem to help - I've had quite a few already - the last one being 11th March! (2x1ml depo medrone -80mg)- I've had 3 of those since Jan plus a different one the doc gave me in Dec 😕I've also had prednisolone for a week or so 30mg daily ...not too sure I'm supposed to have too many of those? I suppose if I felt unwell, I'd have to skip it anyway? As I'll be home Sunday- I suppose I could take it then, or Monday, and slowly slip it forward a day a week like I've done before? I prefer it midweek so it doesn't mess my weekend up 😐

  • Best to speak to your Rheumy or rheumy nurse.  They may be able to prescribed a short course of oral steroids usually starting around 20mg for 3 days then reducing by 5mg every 3 days until the end which due to the different nature of your days while away might be helpful and keep things in control.  Farm

  • Thanks Farm- can you drink with those? I have had a course of them back in January - does that matter?

  • They don't like giving you them too often but you don't get married everyday.  Be honest with them, discuss and be guided by their opinion.   Farm

  • Hi. I agree that you need to get advice from your rheumy nurse.  I think it depends on how long you have been taking it but mxt stays in the body for 6 weeks so 1 week off should be fine.  I am wondering why you leave 3 days after mxt before taking folic acid.  It is usual to take folic acid the day after mxt but maybe you have been told to do that.  Just a thought.  Many congratulations on your forthcoming wedding.  I hope all goes well for you and you are painfree for the whole holiday.  Best wishes.x

  • My consultant said , quite insistently, to wait 3 days to take 5mg of folic acid? Mind you, I'm sure things will change when I go back 19th April. I've got extra aches, stiffness,swelling and pains each day! Today I've woken with sore ribs and knees! My wrists are becoming less mobile and painfully clicking like mad, along with everything else 😕 I've taken 2 weeks of omeprazole with 3 x 50mg of dicloflex - the doc said to reduce it after 2wks. Yesterday I had to take 2 lots of cocodamol as well!! I'm lost with what to take now 😡

    Thanks for your best wishes- I just wish I could start feeling a little better so I can look forward to our big day and honeymoon 😞

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