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Tendon correction and knuckle replacement

I have rheumatiod arthritis. Has anyone had tendon correction surgery and or knuckle replacement surgery? If so was it successful and what complications were there? How long ago did you have it and is it still lasting. Is the movement and strength in the hand better or worse. Did the knuckle/s fail and if so how long after the initial surgery was it and what was done about it.

Any information and advice about this would be most welcome.

Many thanks, Tina

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Hi Tinka,

I have had both operations. 4 knuckles have been replaced. The operation was succesfull, no pain anymore. i hoped my fingers would stand in a right position again, unfortunately that was not the case. But I would say the operation was a succes because the pain has gone in my hand, wish you all the best!


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Hi Tina

I've had both hands done ie 4 knuckle replacements, these were done approx 16-18 years ago. Still fine.. And they did get rid of majority of fingers sloping off to side and all pain. One hand I can move more, I make fist.. Other one not so good, but can still use. I had wrist fusions at same time.. If you need anything like that. Get wrists done first, as knuckles seized up when in plaster. Hands that best was done after my other wrist surgery. Definitely go for it.. My right hand knuckles was my first op, I'd been dreading it (was only 20s). But when I saw my hand looking more normal than I had in yrs,plus with pain relief (after op calmed down!) I was over the moon. Am up to op 14 now. Each one has helped me live my life a little better than before. Best of luck

Jo xx


Hi Tinka i had my knuckles replaced on right hand and tendons done at the same time about about six years ago. I was really pleased with it I still have stiffness in my hand and some pain but nowhere near as before,he managed to straighten my fingers a bit although he did say that they could turn again in time and they have but it was still worth it. It was quite painful after the operations but with the help of physiotherapist we got it working again.Wish you well if you have it done. xx



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