Pain in my finger

I have recently been receiving a nagging pain in my right middle finger, about over half a year ago I had surgery on it after I had fractured the bones in the top portion and because of this it can be more sensitive than my other fingers. A few days ago I was typing on my keyboard when I received a pain in the upper part of it, some of the pain is gone but I still get a jolting pain in the tip of it. Should I go to a doctors?

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  • Well if you don't go and get it checked out you will worry yourself silly and that won't help you with your diseases, It may not be anything to worry about and i am sure your dr would soon tell you if something is wrong and even get your finger x-rayed to check.xxxxxx

  • It's always a good idea if something is bothering you to get it checked out, even if it turns out to be just another RD or inflammation related pain. You've had a previous injury & in my experience that can remain a weak spot, I ruptured my Achilles a few years before I was diagnosed & my foot & ankle that side remains weaker than the other.

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