Enbrel and fungal nail infection

Hi Everyone. I have had my 1st Enbrel batch delivered today. I had a call from Healthcare at home to organise a nurse to do the first injection, and they asked if I was free from any infections. I told them I had a fungal nail infection, to which she said she would ring the nurse to check if I could still start the treatment. She rang me back, saying the nurse has said I need to go to my doctors and go on antibiotics for a week and she couldn't arrange for my first appointment until it clears up. i've had this infection before and know that it isn't treated with antibiotics and takes a good couple of months if not more to clear up with treatment. Has anyone else had any experience of this? I'm so desperate to get started on this its been 6 months since I was told I could....beginning to lose hope!

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  • Flossie, I would ring the Rheumy helpline.

    Bet your GP wouldn't be too clued up in this situation either plus good luck trotting along and telling your GP that a random nurse says you must have a week of antibiotics!

    I think you have been given duff information personally and in my humble ( non qualified opinion)

    Good luck and bless you as I know only too well what that wait is like.


  • You have probably already been on other immunesystem supressing medication before Enbrel. Fungal infections are always a risk factor in these meds, the risk is even greater in biologics like Enbrel so it is really essential, I would imagine to get rid ot the infection first.Better safe than sorry😊

  • I would wonder if the wrong message got through to the nurse and they only heard "infection" rather than "fungal". Can you phone HAH and actually ask to speak to the nurse rather than passing messages through a receptionist?

  • Thank you for your replies, it does seem that the word 'infection' caused some problems here! I have spoken to my Rheumatology Nurse and she has said to go ahead with everything as it isn't a bad case of it, just 1 nail in one small area, but I will have to keep an eye on it . She also emailed HAH explaining this. I have rung HAH and they are now happy to send out a nurse so I can get started, so just have to wait for the nurse to give me a call next week. I'm so hopeful about this drug, I know it doesn't work for everyone but can't wait to try. It's all good :) xx

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