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I had more blood tests this morning!! The hospital and rhem nurses were supposed to be faxing the doctors a new prescription for my MTX over a week ago. I have chased numerous times and nothings been received, the doctors wont give me the new dose of MTX and I'm supposed to be taking it today. I feel as though I'm at a dead end, with the GP saying I need to talk to the hospital and the hospital saying that I need to talk to the GP?!

Does anyone else struggle to get a straight answer??

Any tips? :)

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Only once but it does happen. You're probably aware but the change in dose has to be initiated by the original prescriber, your Rheumy (though a nurse prescriber, locum or registrar can also). Your GP can't change it or inform the repeat prescription clerk to change the dose until confirmation of change in dose is received. I had to chase round recently when I asked a Registrar to reduce my MTX dose, he delayed sending his report letter by 6 weeks which meant without that written confirmation I wasn't able to have my script changed for that period. You could try contacting your Rheumy's secretary as I did, though often it's an answerphone. My GP also tried contacting the Secretary again, left shall we say a curt message & lo & behold the report arrived the same week & my script was at my allocated pharmacy the next day. I would suggest you ask your GP again, explain you're not getting anywhere & could he help, he's your primary carer so hopefully he'll act on your behalf.

ccw93 in reply to nomoreheels

6 weeks! that's crazy. I have been chasing the secretary daily. Hoping to have it resolved when I go back on Thursday. You shouldn't have to be rude in order to get the information/medication that you need!

nomoreheels in reply to ccw93

I'm sure it's because it was a Registrar. That said the whole department is all over the place as my Rheumy's still on extended leave I think though she was due back at the end of last year. In that time I've seen 2 Registrars & a locum!

In this day of technology a fax document!

If you are able to go to the hospital, use your phone to take a photo, take the photo to your Go to get the medication. Hospital do write prescription and you can buy the medicine at the hospital.

I am afraid you need to get your GP to give you medication and any excuse!

I now ask my Consultant to write a change of medication and I take it straight to the doctors. The doctor did not read the consultants letter properly the first time and did not give me what he had advised.

Good luck!

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