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Back pain

Hello everyone,has anyone experienced sudden onset lower back pain.about 2weeks ago I suddenly got excruciating back spasms,I am still having them although not so much once I am up and about,taking co-codamol every 4hours easies it a bit.Could it be the prednisolone,been on it 3months 10mg a day,never had this before,just wish it would go away it's so painful.i have moderate osteoporosis,it says on the leaflet to stop taking if back pain occurs,seeing my gp next week as unsure what to do,anyone been in same position?x

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Do you know what your bone density is like? Sudden sharp/severe back pain is something to definitely see your doctor about as it could be an indication of a compression fracture. You are at risk if you have taken steroids for any length of time.

As a completely different cause, I get really bad back spasms when my inflammatory spinal arthritis (ankylosing spondylitis) has got out of control - the uncontrolled inflammation means that my muscles end up incredibly tight and spasm with movement. No amount of strong pain killers will stop it, but antiinflammatories (like NSAIDs or prednisolone) deals with it very well.

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