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Honey and Cinnamon. Any good?

Has anybody tried the honey and Cinnamon treatment and did it help? I would like to try it but being type 2 diabetic I am a little concerned. I tried a dose yesterday of 2tsp of raw honey and 1 tsp of Cinnamon in warm water and apart from it being quite disgusting it was so sweet but I have read that because of the make up of raw honey it can actually be beneficial for diabetics.

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I've read that too (newly diagnosed T2 ) I hate honey so I won't try it but I like cinnamon, just haven't found a way of taking it.

I've found products that contain flour or oat bran also jacket potatoes absolutely spike my blood. I used to make delicious GF oat bran breakfast muffins but I don't make them anymore which is very sad because I loved the muffins and the jacket potatoes were my stand by meal.

Maybe I could try making the muffins using loads of cinnamon and sweeten them with honey.

But to answer your post - cinnamon is supposed to be beneficial for people who are T2


I've been T2 for a few years now and I have found that the old saying about moderation seems to be the key for me. Sorry to hear about your muffins but try and alter the recipe a little it can make a big difference. Don't deprive yourself of some treats now and again. I am "naughty" probably more times than I should be but up to now my ha1c results has been pretty good. My big problem now is that I am not getting enough exercise because of the RA and after a bit of a "blow out" over the holiday I am not looking forward to my next blood results but fingers crossed! They only allow me 50 test strips a year so I hardly test myself at all now and just go by the 6 monthly blood test.


I don't have diabetes but my h does (type 2). He's struggled getting his to an acceptable level following 2 major ops last year & uses honey (Manuka) on Dutch crispbakes when he has a hypo (for him between 3,5 & 4) which at the mo is usually about 12 noon. He's testing 3 times a day just now as he also had other deficiencies, needing regular blood tests & infusions but he's generally ok with honey as long as he doesn't go silly & have more than his usual amount in a day.y

I would see whoever takes your diabetes clinic & ask their advice. It seems there's no one rule, it's so personal. My h has been told not to eat bananas any more & to reduce his fruit (he eats 5 a day) but that may be fine for the next person.

Not sure about the benefits of honey & cinnamon with RD but your Rheumy or nurse will advise I'm sure.


cinnamon is great for people that have diabetes. As far as honey well it may spike your blood sugar but I guess it is one of those things where you may want to check your blood sugar levels.

If your blood sugar spikes whilst eating honest then why don't you try Coconut nectar it is Coconut palm Sugar. It is naturally low on the Glycemic Index (GI), which has benefits for weight control and can sometimes help improve glucose and lipid levels in people with diabetes (type 1 and type 2). Coconut palm sugars are rated as a GI 35. By comparison, most commercial Agaves are GI 42, Honeys are GI 55 and Cane Sugars are GI 68.


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