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I have an appointment in January for an Ultra Sound Scan on a very painful shoulder which has been constant for about 4 months now...My Question is .. In my letter it says I will also Have a Guided Injection into the shoulder! .. Just wondered had any one else had this and doe's it hurt? Also it says I can't drive for 24hrs after and was wondering Why?

All feedback greatly appreciated :-)

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  • The injection will be a steroid most likely, and you get much better results if you rest the joint injected as much as you can for the next day. I've had them in other joints, and it's not that comfortable. But bearable, and over very quickly.

  • Sorry to hear about the shoulder. I had a similar problem myself. I was in pain for 4 months and physio did nothing to help. I had an ultrasound guided injection with a great result. It wasn't painless but easily bearable. I was told not to overuse the arm for 2 weeks afterwards, but I did drive. Hope this helps. Good luck.

  • Thanks for reassuring me .. I am a Driving Instructor so I guess I have to drive

  • If you can rest it gives the medicine a chance to stay in the area where you want it to work. Having had many joint injections (knees and shoulders although never guided) over the years I do believe you need to give them the best chance you can - I know you will probably feel OK and want to carry on as normal but you need to look further than that day. Sometimes it can feel worse (steroid flare) the next day before calming down. Farm

  • As part of the injection is an anaesthetic combined with steroid it would completely negate your insurance.

    Very difficult to take time off but 24 to 48 hours would be far better than risking your career.

    Ex instructor and hgv just trying to be honest and helpful.

  • I've not had it but my h recently had a depo-medrone with lidocaine in his shoulder & it gave some relief, certainly better than before the injection. I would question the advise if you drive it negates your insurance. As it was my h was unable to drive following his but that was because he was still recovering from an op & not yet cleared to drive not because of the injection. If you're concerned you could always check with your insurance company.

    This link has a Q&A section, if may be helpful shoulderclinic.co.uk/inject...

    Hope you have good results. I agree with those who have recommended you try not to overuse that shoulder for a few days to ensure the steroid doesn't migrate & stays in the area where it's needed.

  • Thank you the article was very useful x

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