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just asking

hi all , not been on her for a lot time, as not been to well. went on sulfaslazine, had bad side affects, rash, plus , lots my voice,doctor sent me to e.n.t. , hes was not happy so got to go in to hospital on Friday, the 10th augs, to have a laryngoscopy..,, as went to see my rheum today, and told be that, R.A, Can , affected, your voice box,,, just wondering , if any one as heard of this or had it , happen , to them or someone they NO,, , iam very worried , HELP.:(

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Would you believe it, the larynx has got a joint in it that can be affected by RA! Apparently quite common. So as treatable as your other joints.

If you want to look further here's a couple of places to look: (tells you how common it it!) (results of laryngoscopy on patients with RA)


Hi there missmop,

you've got me thinking now because I do have a sort of lump in my throat feeling that I wonder about, sometimes. It is worse when I lie down. (Thanks old-timer, I'll check out those sites, too.)

It doesn't seem fair that you have been left feeling so worried - can you ring the clinic (the Rheumy nurse, perhaps) and tell them that thinking about it is scaring you? Or maybe your GP? Because maybe they can offer reassurance that would make you feel much better.

Christina xx


That might be of use to you, Christina. xx


I get the sensation that someone is inflating a balloon up my throat - I don't know if that is similar or related to what you're experiencing? I've always assumed that it's linked to my repeated heartburn - a sort of reflux-linked symptom - though.

Hope you get some reassurance soon!

Sara xx


Yes I can relate to this!

I have a constant sore throat problem so my voice croaks or even disappears sometimes, especially when I have been quiet for a while. It is connected with RA because I also have Sjogrens Syndrome.

So it could be that? Do you have dry eyes too? And a dry mouth? Swollen glands?

If it is more like a lump in your throat that could be Acid Reflux which anti-inflammatories don't help!

Good luck on Friday.


Hi Missmopp, my Sjogrens has affected my voice in the last 2 years, now it sounds more husky than it ever did before. In high personal stress situations, I totally lose my voice for a couple of days too. This has happened since my teens, I think it is strange but maybe it helps de-stress me by not letting me talk-but that is a stress in itself too. Hmmmmm.

Hope you can get some relief soon,



hi all thank you , for getting back to me, i will look at the links, hope will put my mind at rest, and will let you no how its gos with me, after Friday, lol . if they, let me out,, as will not be able to talk to no one, so will be good to go on her, if i will up to it, take care to you all , Joanne>:) x


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