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irritated nerves - literally!

Hi everyone,

Having been put on a break due to bad reaction to Salaz my thumb constantly having pins and needles. Having had my Carpal Tunnel operation done in August this is not great. Saw my OT two weeks ago for my first appointment. Said it's due to nerve endings being irritated by inflammation.

Can't do anything about it until I start new meds after seeing Consultant in January.

Has anyone else had this ? Am doing my exercises she gave me, but find it difficult really. Just hoping that in the new year any more new meds will settle down this flare up and work.

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Sorry you've needed to stop the SSZ, I do hope it's not long before you're back on track. I had Carpal Tunnel release/decompression in Jan 2013 & the only issue I've had since has been in my elbow, not convinced it's related as otherwise it was a good result for me. I did have trigger finger in the same hand about a year later but doubt that's in any way related either. Unfortunately the op isn't always a long term solution, some find it disappointingly less successful than often suggested by Neurologists or a recurrence of symptoms even if it seemed successful for a period of time, though I sincerely hope it's a matter of being off your meds & a case of general rather than specific inflammation.

Are you able to tolerate NSAIDs? If so & you're taking them as directed & still not having much benefit it might be worth asking your GP or Rheumy nurse for an alternative.

Hope this helps & you're son back on track with your meds. x


Thanks. Thought I was doing well, but the OT said my thumb joint was rather inflamed and the nerve endings were irritated so that's why I had pins and needles. I hadn't noticed the thumb joint being slightly larger, so seems an extra pair of eyes helped. I use the Gel they gave me to put on my joints originally, yes, the Nsaid cream, so will keep going until I hopefully get sorted out and one day a DMARD won't cause any horrible rashes or make me too sick! :)


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