Update on Humira

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all okay. I reported the other day that I felt ill after my Humira. Well my nurse has said that today that she is sure I am having a flare.Also my children and husband have had some kind of bug so I think I am having a bit of that.

I have stopped itching thankfully,but feel very weak and exhausted.

Never mind ,I am still breathing so I must be okay!

Take care.

Jane x

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  • Hope the bug in your family soon goes and your flare eases darling.xxx

  • Thanks Sylvi.

    I really do feel not myself.

    The weather doesn't help.


  • The weather is not doing me any favours either darling.xxx

  • I hate it when you feel as bad as you . Hate bugs/ flu and flares well that speaks for itself. It will be hard to rest up if they are all Ill but do try xx you are important too xxxx

  • Thanks Allanah.

    I hope you are okay to.

    Jane xx

  • Just about coping! Hands worse but seeing ot and physio therapist and Rheumy in next fortnight. Good news I managed to lose some weight! Bad news still having struggles with mum in law in hospital . Kids all good, last one went to uni sob!

  • The bug could be provoking the flare. It could be increasing inflammation. I hope you can rest

  • Hope it all calms down soon Jane xxx

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