Flaring badly!

In the midst of a horrible flare! My hands don't want to grip, my knees don't want to bend, nor does my back and I've just limped the entire way home at about 0.5mph. I'm not on any meds, can't take naproxen and really don't want to touch the co-codamol. I'm in agony. Does anyone have any tips to help me? It's my 21st birthday next week and I'm dreading being in a flare then

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  • Hi Beccywebb04,

    Sorry to hear your having a bad time. Why aren't you on some meds. for your RA?

    Pacing is really all I can suggest , and to take some pain killers. Also top up on sleep before your birthday.

    Jane x

  • Hi beckyweb, I am so upset at reading your post this morning. You are so very young and you shouldn't be suffering like this at your age. You really MUST see about getting on some meds, you don't want to have your hands and feet being disfigured by this awful disease, you will need them for the years ahead. You don't say if you have been diagnosed with RA, if not you really need to be telling your Dr and insisting you see a rheumatologist. If you have see about getting on some meds, it really is important.

    In the mean time rest as much as you can, have early nights and take some pain relief with lots of water.

    Have a wonderful birthday and try not to overdo it. Xxx

  • I was diagnosed last year but due to a useless doctor have been left with no medication that works and still have another two weeks to wait to see a new rheumatologist. Looks like I'll have to try and take it easy, my dentist will be so impressed! 🙈

  • Hi, i am really sorry to hear you are having a bad flare. I am like you and dont want to go down the heavy drugs issues but got to a point where I needed some relief (and hoping will hope to find dx) so am taking a newer anti inflammatory that is easy on my tummy as cant take naproxen. But I did find much relief by taking curcumin (turmeric) and changing my diet to exclude gluten and sugar. I also plan to take out dairy but struggle with not eating cheese. Ive found this to really make a difference and intend to slowly make more changes and hope tonot need the drugs in the future. Check out anti inflammatory diets or auto immune diets if you want to try this route. Wish you a happy birthday next week. And hope you find relief. Xxxxxx

  • Hi I have just read your post, before you eliminate cheese and diary speak to RA as you need the calcium for your bones and joints. They may suggest alternatives for you. I have been told of in the past for not eating enough calcium rich food.

    I swapped my diet to the slimming world plan, not to loose much weight but to follow the healthy option, I haven't had a flare since April. Could be fluke but it's unusual. ( and never eaten so much in my life).

    Hope this helps.


  • Thanks Alison. I have done lots of research about diet-what I eat every day (not diets) over the last twenty years. Theres more calcium in a teaspoon of seasame seeds than a glass of milk. Although I do believe raw milk and cheese to be beneficial to most I suspect I am highly intolerant and could be major reason for my pain and stiffness. I'm way over on the functional/alternative health side. I doubt my rheumy will find diet important or support me at all in what I eat. I certainly wouldnt bother asking her. I wish she was someone I could speak to but she isnt.


  • My Pilates teacher who is also a qualified physiotherapist says forget calcium, it's vitamin D3 and vitamin K we need for strong bones, plus exercise. That was good news for me because I don't like milk and dairy foods so I miss out on that as a major source of calcium.

    While people might not want to cut out calcium it's certainly worth checking your vitamin D3 levels ate invoice and high.

  • Please seek medical help, as others say you don't want your joints to go out of line, when you find the right meds you will feel so much better. Take pain killers like paracetamol and ibuprofen if you can't face codine.

    You may need to accept the disease like most of us have on here, it's difficult especially so young, but once accepted you can understand you need to treat it!

    I must say it took me years to accept it, but it does help when you do.

    If your Dr can't help phone the Rheumy dept tell them what's happening they may have a cancellation or transfer you to the RA nurses.

    Good luck


  • You need to see your GP or rheumy team for advice. This disease will not go away, there is no cure and any joint damage done is irreversible. You need to be guided by your rheumy team and yes meds do have side effects but not everybody gets them and by law the company has to list everything. It can take some time and changes of med to find the right one for you but with the right combination there is every chance of a relatively normal life.

    Some people use ice packs on their joints and for others heat helps. I like compression gloves when my hands are bad.

    I was dx at 19 and because of the way my body reacts when the meds fail I know I would be much worse now if I had not had the meds. I had a knee replacement in March at 48.

    Everybody responds differently to this disease and the meds so there is no easy way to work out the best plan for you. Farm

  • Thanks for the advice guys, I rang my gp yesterday and got a message through to her but no response yet. I'd just like to clarify, I'm not on meds because my previous doctor was useless, not because I don't want to take anything. I'm waiting for an appointment with a rheumatologist but have a week and a half to go and this flare obviously has the world's worst timing

  • I know it will affect your birthday but if you are flaring when you see the rheumy they will have more info to assess you. Perhaps you and your friends/family can plan something quieter this week and arrange another bash when you are feeling better or you allow more time off work/study to recover and do nothing during the day if you are going out at night and plan for nothing on the following day. This disease has no consideration of things going on in your life. Can you tolerate ibuprofen - not as strong of naproxen but still an anti-inflammatory. Ice / heat / rest and painkillers. Farm

  • I was referred on a fast track referral quite recently, seems they like to get you as soon as they can. I saw a rheumatoid and came out clutching a prescription for steroids ( I could have had an injection but I'm a wimp) plus instructions that if the steroids worked I would start on hydroxycholoroquine . The steroids made a new woman of me - it was incredible to be totally pain free and able to move as soon as I got up, not to shuffle about in pain for at least an hour and a half every morning. and I've now started taking the hydroxychloroquine, hopefully you will be able to get help before your birthday :)

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