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Tmj and swollen face!

Hello good people!

Hope everyone is as ok as possible :) I've had some problems with my jaw recently, causing loads of pressure in my temples, eyes and head generally. Some swelling too. Saw my nurse and she upped meds for a bit, this helped, also saw a max fax specialist who did an X-ray and found some wear and tear on my jaw and thinks the swelling and pressure is a result of the RA. My upped meds went back down last week and yesterday the pressure in my head returned big time and my eyes swelled up so I looked like I'd been punched!! Had some swelling in my cheeks too. Phoned my RA consultant today who isn't upping my meds again or doing anything until the max fax consultant has done an MRI (booked for the end of the month). so I feel a bit stuck! And a bit down to be honest. Has anyone else experienced this kind of facial swelling because of jaw problems or could it be something else?! Thanks in advance lovely people xx

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Hi Simone- that sounds pretty frightening. My RA affects my clavicles and I get swelling in the muscles and ligaments going up from the clavicles but it seems to stop just below the jaw. I can finally say that after 15 months of RA medications it seems that the current regime of Methotrexate and CIMZIA since the end of July are having a positive affect on my RA. I haven't felt this good in almost two years since my problems started suddenly so I am crossing everything that I will continue to see improvement. Cheers & good luck with this, Doreen


Hi Doreen, thanks so much for your response and for letting me know what you've experienced. It gives me hope that things have improved for you, as I'm only 8 months into diagnosis and treatment and it sometimes feels like I'll never get settled! Although I'm sure I will :) I'm so glad you're doing well and long may it continue xx


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