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Jaw pain


Hi all,

I have been experiencing finger stiffness and some swelling, feet a bit achey too... but last night and today I have actually had jaw pain too in the right side near my ear. I know you can get this with RA, but are there any quick help tips or can anyone tell me how long it can last, sometimes?

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Hi there

I find a heat or ice pack depending on what works for you is a help for jaw pain . If I've a cuppa also hold this to my jaw ( after I've drunk a bit) it's also good for hand pain when you wrap hands round mug. Hope this is a bit of help😀

Thanks for this, does it normally hang around for long?

Depends- my jaw pain seems to be caused by salivary gland swelling up which can last days or just hours but heat or ice packets always give a bit of relief with the joint pains to . I hope it settles down quickly for you☀️

My jaw pain depends on whether my meds are working and the disease is under control. There is no way of knowing how long it will last and of course everybody is different. Hot or cold whichever helps the most and some anti-inflammatories. For me it is usually warm and if I have the dentist I take a warm gel pack to try and ease things beforehand. When it is really bad I have to pick and choose what to eat. Farm

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Thanks for the info!

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Brilliant thanks.


It might be worth speaking to your dentist about the jaw pain and be sure to let him/her know about your RA diagnosis as it can sometimes cause a reduction in saliva production and affect oral health. My dentist checks my jaw for heat, ease of movement and any signs of inflammation. He also thoroughly checks my gums re swelling and ulcers. Apparently my saliva is slightly thicker than normal but too much reduced at the moment.

Al the best


P.S. it might be prudent to also let your optician know as well because dry eye can be a problem for some and simple eye ointments or drops can overcome that stopping scratching of the lens by protecting them with the extra moisture they give. Be sure to get them on prescription and if you have more than 2 prescriptions a month it's worth getting a national health prescription pre paid card (it's currently cost about £120 for the year and then you don't pay any more just show your card when picking up the prescriptions ) - your chemist or Drs should be able to get you the forms or you can find it on line.

Hello. I get jaw pain in my left jaw when my medication is running out of my system just before my next dose of Remicade. It can be extremely painful and annoying because lock jaw accompanies it when it's extreme. It lasts until I get my infusion. Then it disappears the same day. So, I guess the easy answer is for me it stays until the disease is taken in hand. I know how irritating it can be. I hope you get relief soon.

Cas xx 🍀

Hi,sorry to hear of your jaw pain. I too suffer with this problem with RA, mine has continued to give me pain on & off for 6 months or more & I have a lump on my left jawbone sometimes eating becomes very difficult. I have mentioned this to my Rheumy nurse who just nods & says take painkillers. So I'm sorry there's no easy answer. Hope you get some better answers.

Seems to be reasonably common with RA. I get it in my left jaw and sometimes it feels like it is in my ear as well. I find resting it on a warm pillow helps or while lying down turning my head in the other direction and stretching my neck upwards, while keeping my body straight eased it for a while.

My last episode lasted a few weeks gradually easing.

Hope it improves soon.

Thank you.

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