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Toci Infusion next week!!!!

I returned from Canada a week ago and I received a letter from the matron at my Rhuemy Clinic to apologize for the problems I had before I left for my trip to Canada. I have also received an appointnment for my next Toci infusion which is next Tuesday. I am booked in for my Flu Jab also next Saturday at my GP's Clinic.

I was really lucky whilst I was away as I had a brilliant time whilst visiting my family. The weather was really hot around 30 degrees most days and humid, none of which effected my RA apart from I had a slight flare up in my hands but only lasted a day. I managed the stairs too, that improved greatly by the time I was returning. I walked each day with my daughter-in-law to collect the twins from school, good 20 minute exercise each way and well worth the hugs and kisses I received when they saw me in the play ground.

I am wondering if I should wait to have the flu jab after having the infusion on the Tuesday, it will be like having the first infusion as the last one for those who have been following me, was June 9th due to staffing issues at the hospital. I want to start on injections instead of infusions so that doesn't happen again. Has anyone had a flu jab soon after having a Toci infusion and did they have a flare up etc?

I hope everyone is feeling ok now that the weather is changing.

Take care, Sue xx

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I had ritiximab at beginning September and they said I'd be ok for flu jab by early October. I'm sure they'll tell you at the hospital when you have the infusion



Well it's about time, but still give them hell when you go. I would give them a call about the flu jab. I'm really pleased to see you enjoyed your holiday. I got my injections for Bulgaria as you know. However when the second lot of injections were due a good friend was bringing them to Bulgaria I need 7 weeks. I couldn't believe it when my friend phoned and said they had only delivered 1 months injections. My email blistered the internet I was fuming after all the garbage of chasing the injections. They sorted it quick. But just so you know I'm not impressed with BUPA they deliver this drug. They promise phone calls that don't happen. I asked them to arrange all deliveries by email, I had to remind them 4 times over 3 months. It was only when I phoned and was told my delivery was due in 3 days with any contact at all. So I emailed them to advise that I was raising this with my trust. They then apologized said they would follow what was agreed so we shall see Sue. But the good news is the drug is working. I hope it works for you my friend X



Hi angel-delight,

I have put a link below to ARUK's information about Tocilizumab (TCZ) It gives information about vaccinations and it says that yearly flu vaccines don't interact with TCZ. It is always best to check with your rheumatology team though to see what they say as there may be other things to take into consideration.

Beverley (NRAS Helpline)

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Thank you Beverley.


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