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Help please!

Does anybody else have strange sleep patterns, sometimes I sleep normally, sometimes I have a little trouble getting to sleep... (normal I think you'll all feel) but about once a week it feels like I never actually get to sleep at all. Almost like I cat nap for 30 mins, wake then repeat ask night and I hate it.

I'm on methotrexate subcut 17.5mg and enbrel, do you think its the meds? Does anybody else have this?

Thank you!

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Hi, I too have a very disturbed sleep usually the night following I take MTX ( 15 mg ) and the next night then it seems to get back to normal. I also take HYDRO ( 200 mg ) yes I do think it is the meds that is doing it but as I only had one initial app with my rhumy I am just putting up with it until my next app with rheumy nurse in three weeks. I feel for you as it is not good when you can't sleep, you feel awful the next day. Sorry I can't help you very much, I try to have a nap during the day.



All the time! Couldn't tell you if it is the meds or not. A good night for me is 4 hrs if I'm lucky and like you some nights no sleep at all. I sometimes wake up thinking, "Great I have actually slept through the night", then find it' 12.10 am! Only 4 weeks ago, in 42 hrs I only got 2 1/2 hours sleep - awful!, total exhaustion.

I have a 20 min rule. If I can't get back to sleep in 20 mins I get up. I have tried warm baths, milky drinks, keeping off the computer for 2 hours before bed etc, etc.

For me I find not going to bed too early the best, that's when I get 4 hrs. Relaxing soft music is good along with relaxation tapes or CD's. I also find if I'm really having a bad night to do the following. Lay on the sofa covered in a fluffy blanket and put TV or DVD on low volume, no house lights and 9/10 I will drop off.

I hope you get a suitable routine/solution soon as I know how exhausting it can be.

Good Luck

Smiler x


Just repleid to another comment about sleep. Sort of good to know it is just not me. Last night I plugged in a calpol vapour plug in the bedroom. Jusg read box it releases lavendar, chamomile, menthol, camphor, and eucalyptus aromatic oils. Best nights sleep In months. Did wake at 12 and agin abot 3 but straight back to sleep. Stiff as board this am so I must have had a deep sleep and not moved much. Cost 6.00 from boots, only downside is it is a night light too. I just put it at the bottom of the bed and didn't bother me.


I wonder if that has made your breathing easier? Knock on effect to help sleep


Hi PJsorefeet,

I have put a link below for you ( and everyone else who is having sleep problems ) to our leaflet on sleep hygiene:

Hope this helps

Beverley (NRAS helpline)


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