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Hi can anyone tell me if they are affected by tremors with RA/PsA?

I have had 'twitches' throughout my body since March but over the last few months more episodes of shaking and tremors.

I was having a particularly painful day last week and the tremors appeared to be more noticeable so not sure if they are linked to the pain?

Have mentioned this to my GP who thought that they may be due to stress and anxiety but wondering if I should mention it to my Rheumy Nurse when I go on Tuesday. This appointment will be around screening for Biologics so don't want to risk them not considering them if they think they need to delve further into the tremors.

Any advice would be gratefully received.

Tina x

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It sounds much more likely they are associated with your increased stress levels with not being controlled. I don't think mentioning them will stop you going on biologics - if it does then you should be investigated first anyway! It's never a good idea to hide any symptoms as they may matter to the person doing the prescribing.


Yes I get twitches! Had them really bad before I went on meds. Calfs, eyes, thjnk mine was connected to the ra as it went once meds kicked in. I do however get a bit with a flare now


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