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Feeling let down and confused

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Ok ....

Last night I received a phone call from the hospital to say my bloods had been labelled incorrectly and I would need to be redone ( this has taken them 8 days to tell me) I asked would it be better to come to the main hospital to get them done at the cottage hospital they send me too. No was the reply. So an emergency appointment was made before clinic at 7.45 this morning. Senior phlebotomists and the original phlebotomists met me very apologetic. Told them mistakes happen. It turns out no they didn’t make a mistake they can’t do these particular tests there need to be done at the main hospital 15 miles away . Many phone calls later while the other was the computer trying to print off labels they we’re getting a bit flustered but did the tests and a special courier was coming over to collect them. ( waste of money). During this time I was in a small cubical with two phlebotomists and neither was wearing a mask. I tried to ask them to put them on but they kept putting up their hand when I tried to speak saying just a moment let’s sort this out. Next thing bloods done more apologies . I said oh looks like we will be heading for lockdown at this rate and they said oh yes things are getting worse . My reply was especially since neither if you are wearing masks . You should have seen their faces.. oh we forgot to put them on but don’t worry your the first in and we are tested regularly. What hope have got if this medics view . I wasn’t aloud into the hospital without one.

Sorry it’s such a long post but needed to get this off my chest very disappointed 😔

24 Replies
Brychni profile image

yes - and because it's all free of charge you should be grateful for the incompetence. I'm very proud of you for challenging them about their masks! Most of us just put up and shut up and nothing ever changes.

Hope that's it for the blood tests for you and you don't have to repeat the process. x

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medway-lady in reply to Brychni

It's not free for me! I paid Nat Insurance and still pay Income Tax which funds the NHS. Having said that at least they admitted they had made a mistake it took me a year and two complaints and a Serious Incident Report to find out something had gone wrong. But in perspective it was one of a ver few tests out of the 10, 000's the hospital do each year. as for the masks that was wrong and your right to be upset about that.

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Yes, mistakes happen, we are human, but not wearing a mask is not a mistake, it is negligence. A mask should be worn in health care settings even if a patient us not in the room.

Good on you for challenging.

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Totally unacceptable them not wearing masks and knowing that you are vulnerable. You had every right to challenge them and hopefully they learn from now on to always wear masks.

Lina282 profile image

Well done you!

I would have been quiet I am not brave enough to tell anything.

But I agree it's not a mistake! Mainly not in a hospital environment where they meet lots of different people with different backgrounds.

Hope all will be good with your blood test. X

sylvi profile image

Wow how could trained nurses forget a thing like that. It beggars belief doesn't it.xx

allanah profile image

Oh no. That sounds the absolute pits. I'm going for my bloods now . .

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That's an absolute disgrace. Did they forget though and if so why, as this has been drummed into US for many months now so they shouldn't forget, they should be setting an example. Also, that's so annoying about your bloods, I know these things happen but again, they shouldn't but it seems like a sign of the times now.

I feel your head butting the wall again from here! x

Jaxine profile image

I had the same experience. I gave blood last week 3 phlebotomists not wearing masks!!! Tried to keep my distance, but extremely difficult when trapped in a room 240 by 100! Madness! She also refused to use a tournaque wretched woman! explaining ' you have a lovely vein'. I wanted to scream 'I don t care if you can see a vein the size of this room I want a tournaque! I always politely request it as i bruise like a rotten apple if not.

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springcross in reply to Jaxine

I had mine last Friday, (the nurse always wears a face shield) but when I got home I had a strange halo around where she took the blood from, it looked really weird - never had that happen before.

in reply to springcross

It’s happening more and more to me I think it’s because they insist on using the vein every time

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springcross in reply to

I thought that's where they usually are taken from. I've never had this before and the site where the needle went in was like a brownish bubble with this pale red halo about an inch away all the way round it. It looked the same as the ring you get around a tick bite. Most odd.

in reply to springcross

Yep I got that my vein has hardened as they keep using the same one I think it swells up and leaks a little after. Used the same vein today but higher up ok

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springcross in reply to

Yes, they keep using the same one with me too. Also, if I still have a bruise from before, they still use that arm but at the hospital, the nurse in the rheumy department told me that they shouldn't take blood from veins that are still bruised, they should take it from the other arm.

in reply to springcross

What they are told and what they do are 2 different things. I have asked in the past not to use it but they say oh but this is a better vein. It usually means they don’t want to get up and walk round to the other arm .

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springcross in reply to

😀 Yes, probably!

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Green230461 in reply to Jaxine

Oh you have lovely veins! Sounds like a bad chat up line from Dracula

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Jaxine in reply to Green230461


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springcross in reply to Green230461


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A mistake, I would think it should be second nature for them by now to be wearing masks . X

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Not good at all. Here we are face space rat race! People ,do make mistakes but at least have tha gumption to admit it! Hope new tests work out better for you.

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Not good not good at all and we wonder why it's all a mess. Take care x

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I am so sorry to read this catalogue of mismanagement , how very upsetting for you.there is no excuse for NHS workers not wearing masks, surely it is for their own good as well as the patients. Enough problems were encountered buying this PPE just for this reason.

How awful to have to repeat these tests again due to incompetence.

I have been waiting for 6 months for my liver function blood test and my GP seems to be currently uncontactable. I think i now have no choice or than ringing my consultant for advice and support.


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